EOS Logo is Revealed?

in eos •  2 years ago

2017-05-11 (2).png

It was my today's luck to find seemingly official EOS website. There is only frontpage and logo, however the logo looks SOooooooo cool! (Seemed cassified :))

I cannot wait for any updates about EOS!

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뭔진 모르겠지만 또 대단한게 나오나보네요^^

detective clayop in action again :)

The shitcoins of past governments


Smart contracts 1.0


The fabric of the future is almost here.


heavy breathing intensifies...


A powerful design... I can't wait to see the results in a 3-D format! Thanks for sharing. Namaste :)


This looks like....
Well imagine eth logo went to the FAR future and met a logo so evolved that it's almost unrecognizable. ETH logo asks " Are you my future? "
EOS logo answered "I am to you, what humans are to monkeys"
ETH logo feels sad but proud.
the end.


Thanks for the laugh :-)


always! more on my blog

Ethereum On Steem? waiting for reveal of Dan's new project


스팀위에 이더리움이라....끌리는 표현이군요. 댄 믿어봐야 하나..

Beautiful logo.

별모양도 아니고 다이아 모양도 아니고 뭘 뜻하는 걸까요?

Ethereum improved... wait for it

Inverted pentagram?

Congratulations @clayop!
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whats eos?

Agree, I also saw the logo that was really cool..