Compiling and Running an EOSIO node

in eos •  4 months ago

This is a video I made back in March on how to compile and build a test node in Windows 10. This is still relevant today as you can use this to create wallets and use linux based commands from the eosio build. 

Some very good links after compiling eosio:

Wallet Relevant commands:

cleos wallet create --to-console 

cleos wallet list 

cleos wallet unlock -n periwinkle --password YOUR_MASTER_KEY

cleos wallet keys

You need keys for you wallet, here are the commands to get those:

cleos create key --to-console

cleos wallet import --private-key PRIVATE_KEY_1

Creating a new account NOTE: You must already have a eos account to create one!

(You can pay about $5-$10 for your first account creation)

for secondary accounts you can use the cleos command likes so:

cleos create account firstaccountname NEW_ACCOUNT OWNER_KEY ACTIVE_KEY

I made this video about 6 months ago, but is still very relevant today. I'll see about releasing a new video updated with the above commands and a walkthrough on how to do this. 

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