Three letters to survive the Crypto BloodBath: EOS

in eos •  8 months ago

Correction is hitting hard and if you bought crypto in the last 6 months chances are that you are in red and panicking now, but don't worry we still have one card up our sleeve...

The EOS card


It would be easy for me to tell you to just keep buying Bitcoin, but the truth is most people who bought during the hype are now selling and are not likely to come back any time soon. However, there is one cryptocurrency that will launch in June/July and will most certainly draw a lot of attention, that crypto is called EOS.

Despite John Oliver, EOS remains the most promising blockchain asset out there and it still hasn't even been launched! EOS will allow us to program and create Dapps with 0 fees and incredible fast block confirmations. Their testnet has already proved to being able to handle (easily) 10k tx per second.

Don´t get me wrong, I am not saying EOS will go up in value, this is impossible to know of course. But if there is one asset that has potential in the short term is EOS and it is by far the surest bet if you wish to buy crypto today.

Check, Raise or Fold.

The way I see it you have three options, you ether check and hold, you Raise your bet and buy EOS or you Fold and go home with whats left of your FIAT.

So, What's It Gonna Be?

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Heavily agree. The transaction per second capabilities alone will destroy all confidence in other cryptos. Hopefully EOS market cap overtakes ETH's in 2018/2019. $100 is not impossible by any standards. Remember to vote for good block producers. @eosnewyork is one of the best so far.

I agree with you completely. Well articulated.


Hey @stellabelle, hope you're doing great!!
I recently discovered the promising concept of, and since then I've tried to read and watch everything about its progress and community. I know you're following Dan and his project for a while, so what am I going to tell you...? :-)
Now you may enjoy reading my latest article about and hope you don't mind that I copy the link to it here: The EOS Euphoria

Merry merry Easter, Marly -

Interesting mate. I Don't know much about EOS keep seeing the name bur never read about it. Its tough with the market like it is at the moment to keep positive but things are just so cheap!


EOS was created by @dan, the creator of Steem and it will come to compete with other turing complete Blockchains like ethereum. I think it has great potential.

Nice read and I fully agree on your perspective!

You may also enjoy reading my latest article about, I hope you don't mind me sharing the link with you here: The EOS Euphoria
Best, Marly -


Hey, I am glad you liked it!

I am checking your post right now.


Cool, thanks for your time :-))

Nice poker reference. You've summed it up nicely. I'm check and hold for now with maybe a raise just around the corner.

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Yes, Eos is regarded as one of the most promising asset on blockchain.
You are very right @chitty

I saw very many people waiting, I am following the telegram group EOs.project news, and member reached 41.6 k, btw eos it will be the social media platform?


Yes, their social outreach is insane!


Yes, I see .. Their community leaders are very actively promoting eos

· (guys writing the software) have said that they will be making their own social media platform on EOS. Much like steemit, but a lot better!


Its a great information, to the future so many platforms base on social media with a crypto currency, In my assumption before EOS like a lending wallet programme.. Thanks for it

Can't wait till June for eos launch and don't forget about airdrops with eos 😎.

Really nice post......i appreciate it.....
thanks for sharing and post.......
Upvote done.. @chitty

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Yes you are correct EOS looks stronger at this moment. I am very bullish on EOS because they have strong project and some of them giving airdrop for the EOS holders. If anyone holding EOS, should never miss these 3 important airdrops for EOS holders and most importantly Scatter (RIDL) one of them announced 50 extra RIDL tokens airdrops for those who do identity reservation using EOS private key.

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How does one buy EOS such that it will be active on the mainnet when it launches? I have heard there could be multiple implementations and was confused over where or when the snapshot would be taken and how to store the coins.... I decided to just choose other promising projects in the meantime.

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