Minutes before EOS...

in eos •  6 months ago

It is now surprisingly calm, I guess the expression that says that is always calm before the storm is somehow accurate this time…

After days of preparation, our team went to bed early yesterday for the first time in weeks, we have everything ready, from our servers to our validation tool… I cannot actually say if we will be launching the chain or not, truth is I don’t know.

I am the only member of the team that doesn’t live in Buenos Aires, so I had to fly in yesterday night to meet the team and bunker up for the next 5 days, after that some of us will be going back to our families and some others will be attending OracleChain´s event in Beijing… not really knowing exactly what will happen.

Its weird, we only formed this team 2 months ago, I feel like I already know them for years, probably because we have been in contact every 10 seconds in Telegram. I love being part of a team with such a talented individuals, I feel like I have to work extra hard to keep up to their knowledge, which is good, I wouldn’t want to be in a position where I am not pushing myself to learn more.

At this moment, I am at a Starbucks waiting for the guys who are probably spending their last minutes with their loved ones before hitting our bunker. I realized I haven’t written anything in Steemit for a while and I thought I would take this chance to write a couple of thoughts. To my Steemit followers who might be worried about a competing Blockchain: don't be, we can only learn from the work that it is being done in EOS and use it to improve Steem. At the end, we are all working for the same goal.

This is probably the most important event I have been part of, I am happy to share it with you and contribute towards a more transparent blockchain world!


I guess, I can´t help thinking that, the future is here...

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Thanks for updating us , I was wondering what you were busy with . And I hope a lot of hope that eOS won’t bump heads with a Steem that all of this will end positively

chitty genio


Gracias amigo, nos vemos en el bunker!

A lot of success and blessings in the projects you have.

Good luck. Is it running well?

Love the blockchain attitude we are working towards the same goal.

Really interesting and very proud of you! Hope you all the best with this entrepreneurship! You are certain saying... the future is here!!!

La ansiedad es impresionante, Saludos :D

EOS has been doing well lately I do hope it can contribute to STEEM's growth, we would want that amazing update

thank you guys for a great post

*That is amazing!!............really sir///////

You made an amazing content my dear friend. Truth be told i dont really know much about EOS or what its all about. Greetings from @ayahlistic

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thanks for the updates, EOS rocks!

Check out the exact moment it went live live again, replay:

regards from Costa Rica,

As far as I can tell, you're very smart. Greetings, I am a new follower of you.
PS: I like the color of your eyes.

The future is here indeed. I'm a newbie in Steemit but I'm very excited to be a part of it. Many people can join us in this journey and grow together and learn about Steemit and blockchain. I think this movement will aid so many people all over the world, mostly the third world countries.