If you really really really believe in this project like I do, put in some more every week.. Say $20 a week, depends on you. The thing with this project is that it's still on its ICO stage. I don't know how the price it will be after. Uncertainties are the walls for opportunities. It's up to you to take those risks or minimize those by dollar averaging on your fav token.

Yeh that's what I have been doing, just would have been nice to have a bit longer to accumulate at that lower price!

Wouldn't we all. This price hike though is remarkable. Within days it happened and still gaining. Like you I was waiting for the traders to start selling but it never happened. Majority is probably waiting for $10 and cash out. That's my speculation anyway. Anything can happen.

It's possible although I'm sure a lot of EOS holders are holding long term. I know I won't be selling at $10!

Sell at 1000.. possible.. when the kitty craze has broken ethereum network. Still a long way though, keep forgetting we are still in the ico stage lol.

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