EOS Is Up Despite Market Falling!

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EOS Is Refusing To Stay Down Like A Championship Boxer

Despite everything losing its value due to Bitcoin falling to record lows..EOS was seen withstanding the fall and staying up by at least 5%. We dont know how long this thing will last but it's completely normal in the cryptocurrency world. EOS recently announced the latest news about Dawn 3.0 and how it wont be available to the public just yet. Ive always believed that EOS would be the new Bitcoin due to its promising utility and ability to create wealth. I dont mean "create wealth" as in going up based on speculation..I mean this token will recieve airdrops and it will grant you bandwidth on the EOS.io platform. I was told it was similar to Steem Power and it represents reputation which gives you more access.

Dawn 3.0 Announcement 

As many in the EOS.IO development community are aware, we've  been working since December on merging two lines of development, Dawn  2.x and Dawn 3.0. The merged code base is now stable enough to make  public as an Early Alpha and will now become our Github master branch.  The prior master will be renamed “dawn-2.x” and will continue to be  available as a non-master branch. Community developers will notice that the next time they “git pull”  from Master, they will obtain the new Dawn 3.0 code. Those wishing to  continue to pull the Dawn 2.x code that connects to the current TestNet  can do so by following instructions in the new readme.md, being made  available at the same time as the re-mastering. 
Please note that the Dawn 3.0 code is still in Early Alpha and is not  compatible with the current block.one-provided public TestNet; it will  not be available in a public TestNet until the end of Q1 2018. In the  interim, developers may create their own testnets with the new Dawn 3.0  code. As a reminder, Dan Larimer and the development team have changed  the way we forecast development. This means we won't be announcing the  date for the Dawn 3.0 Testnet until the timeline is close enough for us  to have high confidence in its capabilities. The current public TestNet at “https://testnet1.eos.io” will continue to run the Dawn 2.x software until the release of the Dawn 3.0 Testnet, and will then be retired. Smart contracts written for the Dawn 2.x codebase will need to be  revised to work on the new 3.0 codebase and take advantage of the new  features. Major changes in Dawn 3.0 include changing “eos” to “eosio” in all  locations throughout the code. 
We have also renamed "message" to  "action", and removed the need for developers to manually specify  'scope'; all scope specification is now automated. Additional new features in the Dawn 3.0 Alpha Release include:  deferred transactions, staking pools, a new currency contract, and a new  emerging token standard. A complete list of new features will be  included in the 3.0 Final Release notes, expected by the end of Q1 2018.  A complete list of EOS.IO Software Releases can be found here: https://github.com/EOSIO/eos/wiki/Releases

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wow that is a major sign of strength! Its crazy ow resiliant it i.

Hopefully this continues. We are in a pretty tough downtrend at the moment.

This is simply AWESOME!

Last time we had a great crash in crypto the whole of Bitshares family, which of course includes EOS, stayed up! They are the top contenders to take over all the world of cryptos and such phenomena proves it again.

Thanks again for another excellent article. Namaste :)

Your numbers is looking nice 👍🏼 I 👀 you doing your thing my g. Glad its paying off


where you been at?

man i have to buy that before they launch it

most people do not have EOS

looking for undervalued coins or tokens to pick up with your gains. Take a strong look at $EOS and $POE.

When there is fall down in some certain market value comodity it does not mean the rest will go down with it even when the rest go down with the market EOS will always be the super man on it

EOS is the super coin right now. Big EOS positions are happy right now luckly Im hodl with a few. good luck crypto traders

Out of hundreds falling, one will certainly standout... Its a fact

Very informative post.I appreciate your writing.@upvoted

I have a little in EOS. I am glad to see that while there may be a few cuts, it's not bleeding out like everything else.

Thank you for bringing the EOS news @bycompoundfilms


I dont have EOS :(

I like your post, i leave you my vote and i am following you ... I invite you that if you can see my blog maybe there is something of interesting,
Thank you

Everything is down and EOS is up :o How it can be possible :o
I just got something new let's test it :)