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RE: EOS WATCHDOGS - Proxy vote with the wisdom of the crowd.

in #eos6 years ago

If i set you as proxy, do i have to renew that every x weeks/months or is that valid until removed?

Super initiative, it takes a lot of time to analyse/research BP's and i peeked in your telegram to notice you are doing the perfect job, that will make the life of the more passive investors easier, thanks!


The voting power on EOS decay's over time. I believe it's 1%/week so you should reset your proxy choice every so often to maintain the integrity of your vote strength. There will be tools developed to auto vote soon enough but for now, it's going to have to do. Thank you very much for the compliment! It's a full time job being a watchdog but it's really rewarding for me because I know it's helping the health of our great eos network.

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