**EXPOSED** Bix Weir Thinks EVERYTHING is Deep State.....Except YouTube!

in eos •  5 months ago

After Watching Bix Weir forever on YouTube I finally had to make a video to clown on him about his hatred for Steemit.com, EOS, Brock Pierce, Dan Larimer, Block One, Lady Bugs, Opie Taylor, sunshine....and anything else you can dream of. Is everything in this world a deep state operative these days? Maybe! Bix Weir posts 40 videos a week on the Evil Empire known as YouTube but is ultra worried about everything else and doing business with everyone else. How do you even sleep at night cashing those Google Inc. paychecks you whore yourself out for Bix??!?!?!?! Actually I like Bix and cant wait to meet him someday. He's super sharp and I agree with about 90% of his thoughts. Today he had it coming though! Buckle Up Bix.....today.....your exposed!!! :)

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d.tube is the future youtube

Good video. I've been watching Bix for a while as well. Seems like since Cliff High has disappeared that Bix and Jsnip4 have been a little more desperate on their videos.

100% with you. Only I think its a matter of time until the scams will take over steemit and other blockchain platform. The only hope is if people will abundant fiat asap and support a platform so massively that no nation could afford taking 51% of it. Unfortunately this is very unlikely but we can still hope.

@broncnutz I have watched BIX for a number of Years now and yes I think you hit it out of the PARK with this one Bronc !!


We love to troll Bix haha


@stackin it's not Trolling when you tell the TRUTH........... BIX is now exposed completely. What is SAD is people that buy a Subscription to his newsletter.............


Plus he's a Jokeland Raiders fan! hummmmm.....that actually explains a lot.


He could not even go 24 Hrs. without another EOS Rant............@broncnutz


I went 4 for 4 and put on a lazer show tonight. hehehehe

I love to troll BIX LOL .... Dude got insane in the last 10 years haha


oh hes got a zillion trolls. thats how you know when you made it on youtube to tell you the truth. when you have a lot of views, trolls are everywhere.


Thanks sir

Bix Weir the culprit exposed?
Its really hurts when someone whom you really like did such a silly mistake :/ he should delete his video against steemit?


He should never delete anything. the man has a right to think what ever he wants and express it here to other too. It's all good cuz....


Yeah the freedom of speech :/

everyone has own view and we should respect that.as everyone has a precious condition and freedom to tell.
in that condition i like him some time and some time i thought am i really like him.it vary..

Thanks @broncnuts,This had to be said by a person with your following and is spot on!I can't believe his fud anymore and he needs to move on and go back to doing his research before he blows what is left of his reputation.

But his hatred has nothing to do with steemit, he's just a dick

All right. I don't understand why many countries ban all kind of cryptocurrency? Is steem Deep State? @broncnutz, I don't think so.

Give it to Bix Broncnutz !!...

really great youtube video. i love watching bix. thanks for @broncnutz

this just got trolled here on steemit in an interesting way lol :D

First if all i don't know who the hell is this man but if he hates steemit , i hate hum also.

Good video. I've been watching Bix for a while as well. Seems like since Cliff High has disappeared that Bix and Jsnip4 have been a little more desperate on their videos.

I really don't like him!

BRONCNUTZ!!! Your thoughts on Bix Weir and his ideas are well presented. He was single-handedly turning me off to EOS.

Yeah, Bix is messing up by saying that SteemIt is "deep state." That's just stoopid. But, everyone is a mix of good/bad, or smart/stupid. We all have our strengths and we all have our weaknesses. So, I believe that it's very good for you to be checking-up on somebody like Bix Wier - especially when you are very able to poke some serious holes in his perspectives. Hopefully Bix will see this and be sharpened by it - but he's not on Steemit, so he may not.

Upvote and a Resteem.

Awesome topic sir Deleate Facebook and Use Steemit,.

Hello friend This is amazing stuff from you.

Luvly video. thanks sir broncnutz

Great video sir thanks a lot and share such videos a lot.

This is amazing sir i am so happy to see you after a long time sir have a great day.

Awesome work from you sir you are taking steemit to next level.

Wow nice videos
Thanks @broncnutz

Seems like many youtubers think everything is Deep State. Too many accusations water down the truths.

great video. how much so imagine

I gave up on Bix about a year ago... just too many instances where I noticed factual errors in knowledge about something or other, and then he's off to the races on the wrong horse and never looking back.

Do your own thinking folks!

You are a great exponent in exposing such things sir,you have done a great job.