Registered So Many EOS Accounts I Ran Out Of Allotted RAM

in eos •  6 months ago

A lot of you that have been following my blog know that one of my main focuses with the EOS launch was to get as many usernames locked down as possible. It is really hard to tell if there will be value associated with them or not in the future.

They will be worth somewhere between Zero and a lot of money.

One of the mistakes I felt like I made with STEEM was not registering more accounts at the beginning. I tried not to make that same mistake with EOS. The situation is certainly unique because you can only make 12 character usernames right now and you have to do it by delegating power from the account you are given from the snapshot from the ERC-20 tokens that were registered. It is very complicated and there is no documentation on it and pretty much no one will help you because either they don't know how to do it, are doing it themselves, or don't have time to answer your question. It was a lot of trial an error and in the time I was trying to figure out how other people were doing it I was seeing the accounts I wanted to get be registered.

Also after I started going down the list of accounts I was trying to register I tried to register the most important ones first but as I got further down the list people were registering them before me. This happened with jacksonville, stratosphere, sledgehammer, weightlifter, nutritionist, and unemployable.

Should I Have Control Of This Many Usernames?

Some people think that guys like me registering all these accounts before the masses have some sort of web application to do it is a bad thing.

My response is that the more robust an ecosystem is and the more ways to potential make money surrounding it then the more successful it will be.

With STEEM we see there is an entire economy surrounding it. Some people are selling services like graphic design and art, others are doing loans, and other people are producing content. With EOS there will be more layers to the ecosystem and I can see there being a future in these human readable usernames. We have seen it with phone numbers like 1-800-Skydive, we have seen it with domain names, and if EOS becomes big enough we might see it with these usernames. You have to expect if an economy gets big enough there are going to be more and more micro-businesses attached to it.

Username Exchange On EOS

Right now it seems like they are making everything that is under 12 characters off limits because they are going to have some sort of bidding function associated with the usernames. It isn't clear how it is going to work. It will be interesting to see how much some of the usernames go for.

I can see a clear vision in the future of a DAPP that will be a username exchange where people sell accounts.

With only 12 characters as a limit and it can only be letters and 1234 it leaves a lot of combinations but sort of limited if EOS becomes as big as we think it can become. We have all seen Twitter and Instagram names that aren't really human readable and convoluted. People will want to avoid that whether it is for just having an easy to remember address to send funds to, if it is going to be usernames for social media platforms built on EOS, names of contracts that people can interact with, and other reasons I can't even envision.

These usernames in a way were free. I just had to delegate power to the accounts I was creating. If the ones under 12 characters are going to cost I will likely try to get some solid ones but that is a hard equation to figure out because by doing that you are making a bet that the username will become more valuable than the EOS would have been if you just held that.

So for now I'm done registering new names until I come up with a workaround. I haven't voted for any Block Producer candidates because when I was trying to figure out some initial stuff like even being able to connect to the mainnnet no one was helping. I messaged probably 10 BP candidates and it was all radio silence so long story short I wasn't impressed.


Do you guys think EOS usernames will be worth money someday?

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Hey what's up buddy. I'd love to see a post from you about the state of cryptocurrency, almost like a state of the union type thing, heck if you wanna dress up as a president and put an oval office backdrop behind you that would be even funnier.

On a more serious note however these prices are fucking depressing, I've been fairly tuned out to crypto since end of winter maybe early spring, I kind of told myself I'm not gonna pay attention to anything until after summer.

I used to be on various subreddits daily, reading stuff on here, following crypto youtubers, I don't really know shit anymore because I'm out of the loop.

What's your thoughts on where crypto is now versus where it was back in November/December of last year?

Has the mainstream media and even the mainstream populace kind of lost interest?

Will we ever see the hype, and prices and interest that we saw back in December of 2017, will we ever see that again?

What will cause a surge in price and interest? A positive piece of news? A large company adopting crypto? Coinbase becomming a licensed and registerd investment company?

What's the current status of the relationship between BTC, ETH, and LTC versus altcoins? Are they still dominant?

Basically just that type of stuff.


Yeah I have been wanting to sort of do some videos regarding these topics and share my thoughts on the situation. The next boom will be bigger than this last one and that will keep happening. A lot of people are getting pressed out of the market and it feels a lot like 2014 did. I don't know if we will have as long of a draw out period as we did last time. We might. It all might continue to fall or deep pockets could keep picking it up and creating support.

The mainstream populace is weak and broke so they will always be in at the wrong times and can't survive through the bad times. They will be back when things go parabolic again wishing they did more during this period of time.

No news will really bring the market back unless it is a Bitcoin ETF being approved allowing people to invest in Bitcoin through their brokerage accounts. Any other news won't help just like it didn't help in 2014. There was all kinds of good news then but crypto kept sinking and people kept getting pressed out . Then the crypto nuclear winter of 2015 made people question if this would be the future or not. It is possible that 2019 will be like that and then maybe things don't surge back until after the 2020 halving for Bitcoin. It is really hard to say but my feeling is that Bitcoin will continue to lose dominance and by 2020 could only have 20% dominance or so.

Can you please guide and provide step-by-step instructions about how to create usernames?? Did you manage to connect to mainnet? and which is mainnet?

Yes, you are 100% right that top BPS are helping no one... I also asked many question, but, have not got back any positive single response...

Fascinating approach, so ..on a bird's view scale how did you manage to delegate to other accounts? Does that work with a node or something?


You basically have to build the eosio software so you can interact with EOS through the command line with cleos. You also have to start keosd to have wallet services running as well and then as far as delegating power if you type "cleos system" and then hit enter you will see other options for delegating. But before all that happens you have to build the EOS software on a Linux or Mac OSX.

Crazy, didn’t even know u could register a name yet... ha shit..


I didn't even know initially either and it seemed like we wouldn't be able to do that until after 15% of votes came through but then I was looking at this feed
IN the upper right I was seeing the blocks going by and I was seeing people creating new accounts and was like WTH!!!!!!! Then I was scrambling around to try to figure out how to do it. There are already people creating their own tokens and all that out there.


Whoa 😮.

That’s pretty insane, however makes sense that any1 who knows how to get a head start would... thx for the link!

I may have to look into this, although I have a feeling the same people that make steemit top heavy will pull similar tricks with EOS. I am not surprised no one is offering any help, reminds me of the steemit start designed to exclude as many as possible.


Yeah I get the same feeling for sure that a lot of people are in the dark and these people that want our votes aren't really helping because they are trying to dominate the network from the start.

I feel good that I was able to shoulder check my way into getting a few solid accounts. Even figuring out how to connect to the mainnet was not easy. Like no links to node URL's and all that. It was kind of ridiculous. If you want some help doing it let me know.


I appreciate that and I am pulling for you to make a killing on this.

Cool, thanks for sharing.