EOS Fomo Alert Feb 21, 2018 Only 100 Days Left In The Crowd Sale

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Today Feb. 21, 2018 means there's only 100 days left in the EOS Crowd Sale! I've been following EOS even before the crowd sale began and can tell you as we start to count down the days we will see another wave of FOMO into EOS.

Blockone.one the company behind EOS has pledged to pump 1 Billion dollars into dapp development companies. Also the man himself Dan Larimer the Creator of The Steem Blockchain and BTS has also stated he plans to release multiple projects on EOS. This is huge unprecedented news as that much money has never been put into projects for use by third parties. This will bring in the brightest minds from around the world!

I expect once we starting getting near the end we will see multiple companies pledging to build on the EOS platform along with doing air drops instead of the normal ICO process! This will of course raise the price of EOS + have a dividend type of benefit making holding EOS even more profitable!

EOS currently as of today 2/21/2018 is at $8.20 USD or about .0099 of a ETH but not for long lol.

EOS will be the new Hot Block Chain Real Estate!



I hope we make some profit, but what I really hope is a migration from this unfair centralized Internet to a decentralized one

I also think we are going to see a FOMO maddness bigger than that of Steem when it started.
Im dollar cost averaging EOS since october, with 2 big buys.

I think Im gonna gamble with 50% of my EOS stash. Slowly selling if we hit this FOMO state and buying back later.

Cool! I think the last couple of days will see the largest spike.

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