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RE: The State of EOS Governance: ECAF & {{ regarbitrator }}

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All good stuff Kevin and EOS New York team.

One other thing to point out is that when you make an arbitration claim you have to agree to pay a deposit bond and if you were to keep making claims which were not successful then you would keep losing your deposit bonds.

If you have concerns about Arbitrators or Block Producers being held to account then you can contribute to the Facebook EOS BP Watchdog Group at

It will all get worked out in the end as long as we continue to just have gentlemanly discussions on these topics and work through all the viewpoints until we find a workable middle ground. Remember a governed Blockchain is not something that has ever been made before, yet we have one now, here, live, and running so let's agree first of all that it's pretty awesome what we've already achieved and it'll just need the rest of the details working out as we go along.

I do agree with Kevin's point though that Arbitrators should essentially need to campaign speculatively in much the same way as Block Producers have to do.

I know Sam and Moti at ECAF are all doing a sterling job and have invested a lot of time into the cause, but then so have EOS UK and are still not earning revenue as we sit at between positions 65 and 80, and we are continuing to promote ourselves by trying to demonstrate professionalism and competency and assisting the community in any way we can.

We will continue to operate on this basis unless such time should arise that we no longer can, and would suggest that the arbitration system should work on a similar basis where the different teams campaign for election and receive payment based on the value of the awards they are able to process.

Anyway, let's keep pushing and get things working people.