EOS UK Block Producer Agreed Code of Conduct

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Please see below v1 of the EOS UK Agreed Code of Conduct which outlines how we intend to operate our EOS Block Producer node.

What we pledge we WILL do

  • Run the most robust node we are capable of providing
  • Adhere to the rules of the currently in force constitution
  • Process all transactions in strict sequence irrespective of source
  • Provide full ownership transparency and legal entity disclosure
  • Disclose geographic locations of servers and technical specifications
  • Comply with any arbitration rulings promptly
  • Be self funded so as to ensure full operational control
  • Publish annual accounts and provide periodic information on request
  • Ensure the integrity of the EOS network through open disclosure of information
  • Participate in community events to represent EOS
  • Once established donate a percentage of block rewards to EOS educational initiatives
  • Publish our Agreed Code of Conduct to a Blockchain based public platform, and updates thereto

What we pledge we WONT do

  • We will never pay for votes
  • We will not be be dishonest in any business dealings or activities
  • We will not be unethical
  • We will never conceal ownership or financial interests in EOS UK

If you have suggestions or questions about the Block Producer Agreed Code of Conduct please contact us on 0115 822 4546 or by email to [email protected] or on Telegram channel https://t.me/eosuk

As lead candidate I confirm this is an accurate statement of our intentions, although may be subject to revision and modification at any time as determined by market forces, legal requirements or geographical influences.

Roger Davies


Standard and mature, it is good.

Thanks for the comment Leiyu :-)

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