BlockMaker is Evolving!

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Blockmaker is grateful for all of the interest from the EOS community over the last month. Our mission was to run as a community owned block producer and we are now happy to announce an amazing evolution of this concept.

BlockMaker is going to be merging into a new larger entity called eosDAC.


eosDAC will still focus on becoming a community owned block producer. However, as a true Decentralised Autonomous Community (DAC), eosDAC will also share even more with the community with a keen focus on helping all DACs to effectively use the EOS ecosystem.

Members of the eosDAC launch team have been deeply involved in the EOS community for the past 6 months and are already producing blocks on EOS testnets. eosDAC is making significant investments in people, infrastructure and processes to be able to serve as one of the main block producers.

eosDAC will be a Decentralised Autonomous Community (DAC), which will, in due course, be governed by it’s constitution encoded in smart contracts on the EOS blockchain. This revolutionary way of bringing a community together as a cooperative will ensure that EOS block production is open for everyone to contribute and benefit.

We believe eosDAC will set a new, high, standard for what an EOS Block Producer could be.

You can read all about eosDAC on the website -

More details will also be forthcoming very soon on the eosDAC Steem account (@eosdac)

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This is an interesting idea. Though, I am concerned about whether this crosses the line into the realm of block producers paying for votes.

Do you think we will end up allowing for this in the constitution? Because this seems like exactly the sort of thing we could want to nip in the bud.


Hi, appreciate the concerns. However, If you are a member and you don't vote, or don't vote for eosDAC, then you still get the same treatment and benefits as if you vote. I do not think that is paying for votes.

eosDAC is trying to realise the dream of EOS ushering in an era of DACs. It would be surprised if this model is somehow forbidden.

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