LibertyBlock Roadmap, Community Project, and Dividend Policy

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LibertyBlock has been executing on an aggressive BP timeline leading up to the launch of the EOS Mainnet. Our team has also been actively supporting and growing the EOS community, including running one of the largest regular EOS-related Meetups, EOS Los Angeles!

Our primary objectives and roadmap are as follows:

Q1 2018

  • Host community events leading up to EOS Launch (Complete)

Q2 2018

  • EOS Block Producer candidacy announced (Complete)
  • Initial technical specifications announced (Complete)
  • Incorporation and legal structure announced
  • EOS Launch community event
  • EOS Mainnet Launched and LibertyBlock elected as a Block Producer
  • Everipedia EOS Airdrop
  • Post-launch technical update

Q3 & Q4 2018

  • Ongoing EOS evangelization
  • Community project updates
  • Continued dApp support, advisory, and development
  • Operations, business development, and software roles hired for team expansion
  • Continued post-launch technical upgrades and updates
  • Year-end block producer annual report, including financials, governance and communications, technical analytics and insights, and overall lessons learned
  • Year-end Everipedia dApp lessons learned update

Community Projects

LibertyBlock’s Decentralized Media Curation Platform

Everipedia, Ikigai, and Dollar Vigilante were inspired as independent companies- and together as one unit- to came together and unite behind Dan Larimer’s vision of making EOS into a platform for human freedom.

We will be creating a unique and effective space for media and information curation on top of EOS.

We are inspired by Larimer’s desire for media and social media on EOS and aim to help assure its completion and success. We will do so by complementing, and fortifying, Larimer’s own initiative by means of creating our own EOS platform for curating valuable information.

Our goal is to create, and complement, Dan Larimer in his desire to enhance freedom of speech by engineering a platform where freedom of information is resistant to any attack. We aim that this project be not only philosophically in line with the libertarian ideals we share with Larimer, but also technologically and economically well thought out as well. Along with Larimer, we share the same Austrian economic understanding that network effects grow through proper incentive structures.

Everipedia’s goal is to bring information to the masses by means of being the biggest and freest encyclopedia. The Dollar Vigilante desires to bring critical thinking to free the masses from mental slavery. Together, alongside Ikigai’s penchant for purposeful investing, we aim to create media and social media tools for freedom on top of EOS. It is in our blood to foster and push forward free speech and knowledge. Thank you Dan Larimer for inspiring us to join you in this quest!

LibertyBlock Crypto Community Centers (CCCs):

At LibertyBlock, we are a diverse and geographically dispersed conglomerate of liberty minded entrepreneurs. Our team is already working on projects in various emerging regions of the world. Our front in Mexico has already begun developing our first LibertyBlock CCC.

Mexico: In Teotihuacan Mexico, members of a local Native American tribe- the descendants of those who created the pyramids- have partnered up with us in creating our first LibertyBlock CCC- for crypto learning- at their compound alongside the pyramid of the Moon and the Path of the Milky Way. As serendipity would have it, one of the Elders is an Electrical Engineer who is also the Dean of the Computer Science Department at the nearby university. This project is already under way.

The project in Mexico was mostly influenced by Jeff Berwick’s positive attitude towards Mexico. The paradigm shift he promotes sparked in us a desire to explore the country. We ventured out into Mexico and found ourselves befriending an incredibly vibrant Native American community. They enriched our lives immensely, and now we want to bring the gift of crypto knowledge to them via our first CCC.

We aim to cultivate CCCs throughout the world because we know that the solutions for these regions will best be met by the ingenuity of the peoples that live there. We find it foolish for us to think we would know better than the locals what they need and how they need it. It is for this reason that we aim to first befriend communities. Through friendship and conversation we will share our passion for crypto, and if we find affinity with them we will commence the process of creating their own CCC. We know that they will eventually run their community's CCC, for this reason we take our personal friendships with the locals very serious. This is not about us imposing an idea unto them. Rather, it is about us explaining our passion for crypto to them and seeing where the sharing of ideas leads us.

Puerto Rico: Our team has already begun to form friendships with the locals in Puerto Rico via Tim Lewis’s “Days of Listening” in Old San Juan. Where we have met and befriended locals, and organizations, that already bring relief and education throughout the Island. Among the locals we have met various college professors and community leaders that have not only befriended us, but offered to join us in this endeavor.

Colombia: Our team has been in conversations with the Ministry of Technology for the Colombian government. We are also engaging locals in the coffee region- the cities of Armenia and Pereira. As much as the government desires for us to do something with them, we would much rather approach this from a grassroots perspective. As in Mexico, we desire for this to be a collaboration with locals.

Bhutan: Our Bhutanese team is currently spearheading research for us on where they would like to establish their Bhutanese LIbertyBlock CCC.

Dividend Policy

Block producers exist to provide a reliable, secure EOS network to users. They should be voted in based on their ability to fulfill these requirements. The strengths of our candidacy lies in our techincal expertise, favorable location near South Asian business centers, and dedication to freedom and decentralization.

Providing dividends to users would not improve our ability to provide a quality service to users of the EOS network. We believe further that setting a precendent of paying out dividends to community members is bad for the overall network. Users will be incentivized to vote for the block producers that offer the most generous dividend policy instead of the ones that provide the best block production service. Therefore, LibertyBlock will not be paying dividends and will encourage other block producers to do the same.

Our opposition to paying out community dividends does not impact our dedication to our community project. 5% of block producer rewards will be allocated to funding our community projects.


Any incentive for EOS hodlers?

Looks like we can vote for you as libertylion1 (aka LibertyBlock) on .. That is your account right?

I'm not sure how to vote for you there.. If you have directions please reply..

Great to see the whole paradigm shift is rapidly happening. Not so much in England but the monkey is stirring 💯🐒

There was that whole mixed marriage royal wedding that recently happened. Maybe they are not too far behind.

No time for that at all the royal family (as royal, maybe as individuals) rinse money and have a history of wrong doing. The paradigm shift will be when they go. Also when people don't feel loyal to character's they have never met! Why celebritise anyone we should all be equal, having people about other creates a sense on control and ruling authority over them make them week and unequal!

I always thought that was weird too. I am not from the UK, but how I understand it is that the royal family has no real power (just wealth which gives them influence) and the people of England for the most part adore this.

It's like their claim to fame. The people of UK love the royal family just because of the attention it brings (obviously not everyone in the UK feels this way) for the most part.

Totally unrelated comment I was really just provided a joke for some hope.

Yer their rich criminals at heart behind the scenes they commit may atrocities. I pulled some Ivy down during the wedding. People went bonkers for it, some even said I was disrespectful for saying i didn't give a shit, made me chuckle.

I think people are waking up and Harry is a good lad. I loved it when he got busted in Vagas doing Coke at a pool party 💯🐒

The world is changing. Out with the old in with the new will take on new meaning if we get another market crash in the next two years. The general public will be forced to accept that crypto blockchain and the original people behind the idea and movement are fit to lead us into a new era.

Something like that at least. Change is definitely coming, and probably not because people want it. It will just be necessary. Exciting to be part of the minority for now. Will make for great stories later.

I think the crash will be this year. Looking at the state of the UK, things are extortionate plus with the council not being able to afford to run anything, roads crumbling. I guess it when they can't hide it anymore though!

But your right there crypto will boom 💯🐒

I think the crash will be this year. Looking at the state of the UK, things are extortionate plus with the council not being able to afford to run anything, roads crumbling. I guess it when they can't hide it anymore though!

But your right there crypto will boom 💯🐒

So glad to see the strong support of principles for freedom this team brings to the table. My full support goes to this team!

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