Announcing the LibertyBlock Block Producer Candidacy

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LibertyBlock is the fusion of Everipedia, The Dollar Vigilante, and Ikigai Asset Management. Our goal is to be the most transparent, accountable, and cooperative block producer.

We believe that a worldwide technology should have worldwide representation. Our block production servers will be in Bhutan, which represent the voice of South Asia. In addition, we have team members in Mexico, Puerto Rico, India, and Colombia- with offices in the United States and Canada.

We are united by the crypto-anarchist principles that gave birth to crypto and inspired by Dan Larimer’s vision in making EOS into a platform for human freedom. United in this pursuit for liberty, we place our candidacy as EOS’s LibertyBlock.

Our data center in Bhutan will house 4 high-end servers with support for over 1 TB of RAM and 50 CPUs. Housing and maintaining our own servers will give us greater control over the block production process and we have the expertise on board to do it.

LibertyBlock aims to become the most transparent and collaborative block producer on the planet. We won’t stop this pursuit until we are completely vetted and recognized by our peers as such.

You can learn more about us on our website or by following us on social media:

LibertyBlock -
Steemit - @blockliberty
Twitter - @blockliberty
Telegram -

Learn more about our Road Map, Community Project, and Dividend Policy by following us on Steemit.

Travis Kling


  • Chief Investment Officer @ Ikigai Asset Management
  • L/S Portfolio Manager - $200mm, Point 72
  • Energy Senior Analyst - $4.6bn, Magnetar Capital
  • BBA Accounting, and MS Finance, Texas A&M
  • LinkedIn:

Timothy Lewis


  • Chief Technology Officer @ Ikigai Asset Management
  • Senior Security Engineer / Data Center Development, SocGen (Fimat/Calyon)
  • Senior Security Engineer, Oracle
  • Senior Security Engineer / Voice Communications, Kaiser Permanente
  • LinkedIn:

Anthony Emtman


  • Principal @ Ikigai Asset Management
  • Captain | Contracting Officer & Software Developer, United States Air Force
  • 2X Techstars (MARK Labs & Jogg)
  • BS Economics, US Air Force Academy; MS Finance, Georgetown
  • LinkedIn:

Kedar Iyer


Sam Kazemian


Travis Moore


Jeff Berwick


  • Founder, The Dollar Vigilante & Anarchapulco
  • Host, Anarchast
  • Freedom Fighter Against Mankind's Two Biggest Enemies: The State & The Central Banks

Rafael LaVerde


  • Crypto Vigilante @ The Dollar Vigilante
  • Early Bitcoin adopter & Bitangel
  • Private Equity / Venture Capital
  • 2 MA’s, unschooled via the Mises Institute

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Good to see you guys in the front line. amazing partners.

I would like to work for LibertyBlock please contact me or reply with the correct process.

Joe Terry
(310) 379-9822
email: [email protected]

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