Block Genesys: EOS BP Code Of Conduct

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We’re laying the foundations for decentralised businesses, communities and connections to build on the EOS Blockchain. We are a team of engineers, developers and product architects who are passionate about making this happening. Block Genesys has an enterprise-grade infrastructure to allow these new models to get off the ground. We've built a highly fault-tolerant cloud infrastructure that is secure, scalable and supportable. 

Below summarises our commitments as part of the EOS Code of Conduct, which we fully support.

Block Genesys Limited, incorporated in Hong Kong, is the company behind EOS BP Candidate blockgenesys.


Block Genesys agree to maintain a website hosted at which contains up-to-date information on all disclosures required by this contract.

Block Genesys hereby agree to disclose and attest under penalty of perjury all ultimate beneficial owners of my company who own more than 10% and all direct shareholders.

Block Genesys will provide a public endpoint allowing at least 100 peers to maintain synchronization with the blockchain and/or submit transactions to be included.

The EOS Constitution

The entire team at Block Genesys Limited will support and defend the EOS Constitution. We defend the rights of the EOS Community and the token holders.

Arbitration Decisions

Block Genesys Limited and its team members will standby and defend all decisions made by the duly appointed or elected EOS Arbitrators. We will uphold the decisions that are made through arbitration process immediately.

Ownership and Independence

BlockGenesys is an independent Block Producer, based in Hong Kong. BlockGenesys is the EOS account name that is owned by Block Genesys Limited, incorporated in Hong Kong with company #2729930. This link will take you to our Certificate of Incorporation, Business Registration and Shareholder form documentation.

We are not under the governance or administration of any outside company or financial source.


At Block Genesys we believe passionately in team work and the EOS community. We are a highly efficient, collaborative and disciplined team. 

We are open to collaborating with other software and core technology teams, as well as potential investors, to help build a sustainable business model supporting the EOS Smart Contract platform. If you'd like to talk, please do get in touch.

Conflicts of Interest

The team at Block Genesys are professionals with nearly 40 years Investment Banking technology experience behind them. This means they understand the importance of avoiding activities that may represent a material conflict of interest.

Vote buying

Block Genesys, or any of its team members, will never pay for votes.