Chatting to students about EOS

in #eos4 years ago

BitSpace recently went to Westerdals university to chat to students and ask them what they knew about blockchain technology. We have gathered snippets from some of our conversations and released a video to celebrate the release of Dawn 3.0 Check it out below!

The marketing team received many questions and had the opportunity to explain some of the potential of blockchain technology and shed some light on how the EOS platform will spur innovation towards development of decentralised applications.

BitSpace will continue to be visible at different educational institutions, with the aim of recruiting and educating people.


Getting EOS can be so complicated, the wallet (myetherwallet is a bore), most online tutorial uses too much big words even the white power too.

Wish I had someone to explain it better to my people here, it's throwing me off.

but what is the difference to ethereum or qtum? So many versions... 😔 @peekbit

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