Several Mainstream DApps Suffered from Transaction Rollback Attack

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On December 19th, some network mainstream DApps have successively suffered from the non-rollback block vulnerability attack. Including Betdice, EOS MAX, TOBET, etc. Among them, Betdice lost about 200,000 EOS and EOS MAX lost about 50,000 EOS because the hacker took advantage of the EOS node vulnerability (not the loopholes in the DApps’ contracts). This loophole is currently fixed.

Nevertheless, Bitpie’s related services, such us sends and receives, Pie Bank, Coin Swap, etc. are in normal operation.
Also, during this time, the available CPU of users increased significantly.

We are closely following the progress of this incident and keeping users updated at all times.

BTW: our “2018 DApp Feast” is still ongoing without any influences. You are always welcomed to join us in our Big-Small Game and get today´s prizes ($870 and 6 Hardware Wallets). Open Bitpie wallet you will see the access banner.

Bitpie Team,
December 19, 2018

At Dec.12 2018, Bitpie launched the Swap Gateways for Stablecoins: EBTC, EETH and EUSD on EOS in Bitpie Wallet.
Official website:

The 3 stable coins are 1:1 pegged to BTC, ETH and USDT respectively. Users swap original blockchain assets to EOS.IO through gateway service so as to utilize them in DApps or DEXs. They could be the game changer in the dapps ecosystem.

Stablecoins Telegram Group:
Bitpie Official Telegram:https: //

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