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EON will conduct a 1:1 ratio airdrop event for EOS holders with more than 100 EOS in early June, and a snapshot will be taken on 12:00:00 1st June 2018(GMT+8), only users with more than 100 EOS can join this airdrop. EON will take a snapshot on 12:00:00 1st June 2018(GMT+8) according to EOS ERC20, users with more than 100 EOS can join this airdrop by claiming, official website. (http://eon.org/#/)

According to the requirements of EON official, the claim must be done before 12:00:00 1st June 2018(GMT+8), please make sure your wallet has more than 100 EOS. The function of “execute contract” of Bitpie EON claim (claim) will be offline after 12:00:00 1st June 2018(GMT+8). If you have already executed EON claim(claim) contract, you can just wait for EON official to send the airdrop.

Method 1:
How to claim EON airdrop? (Bitpie app greater than 3.2.5)
1.Make sure you have more than 100 EOS and whether it confirms to the EON official airdrop regulations.

2.Home page of Wallet-All-Contract-select “EON claim(claim)”-Execute Contract. (PS: A small quantity of ETH is needed for miner’s pay when executing contract.)

Method 2:
Deposit your EOS to Pie Bank, Pie Bank will arrange payment when receiving the airdrop.

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