DApps Feast 2nd Day Winners List!

in eos •  4 months ago

🔴Big/Small Game
➡ EBTC Zone:

Nº1 coinbeechina ($290)

Nº2 zhangliwen51 (BITHD)

Nº3 zyeosbitpie (BITHD)

➡ EETH Zone:

Nº1 fengzichenba ($290)

Nº2 eosangeosang (BITHD)

Nº3 tiergemchain (BITHD)

➡ EUSD Zone:

Nº1 eosdapmarket ($290)

Nº2 gy2dgmztgqge (BITHD)

Nº3 gaojin.game (BITHD)

🔴EOSPOKER Three Cards
➡ 66POKER 6.6USD Winners:

Nº1 shenzhenvint

Nº2 jacklighteos

Nº3 fuckyourpapa

Nº4 eosyinhang11

Nº5 eosmanagerio

➡ 168POKER 16.8USD Winners:

Nº1 zoninizonini

Nº2 g4ytiobtgige

Nº3 arteezycaf.e

Nº4 haydonjyguge

Nº5 gm3daobygege

➡ EUSD Zone 12.8 Winners:

Nº1 eostopmarket

➡ DBH Zone 888 Winners:

Nº 1 ha4damrwg4ge

Nº2 ceonachichii

Nº3 eosverygreat

Nº4 baihuaqifang

Nº5 allineoscoin

➡ DHB Zone 666 Winners:

Nº1 hhanhan12345

Nº2 aiiiiiiiiiiir

Nº3 xiangruliang

Nº4 ceonachichii

At Dec.12 2018, Bitpie launched the Swap Gateways for Stablecoins: EBTC, EETH and EUSD on EOS in Bitpie Wallet.

Official website: https://eosstablecoin.com/

The 3 stable coins are 1:1 pegged to BTC, ETH and USDT respectively. Users swap original blockchain assets to EOS.IO through gateway service so as to utilize them in DApps or DEXs. They could be the game changer in the dapps ecosystem.

Stablecoins Telegram Group: https://t.me/StableCoins_EUSD_EBTC_EETH
Bitpie Official Telegram:https://t.me/BitpieInternational

Find us on:

Telegram: https://t.me/BitpieInternational
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BitpieWallet
Medium: https://medium.com/@Bitpie

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