BITEos development report

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Need to make some time before revisiting again Coinmarketcap ? You know you gonna cry again , dont you?
Reading this post can take you back to the future to last December : P

We are starting to have some fun at devs channel , we are still growing and looking for web developers and people who can help us

We have now 10 nodes running 3 chains , running both on :

-Love build : ) (14-02 Branch)

-Master build

-We set chains to produce blocks every 5 seconds , and have run tests of 100 tx per block

So if still thinking in the market crash ,why dont you pay us a visit at our telegram channel to talk about our project ?

BPs who want to do tests, host a node for our chain, ore need a backup node are welcomed to visit us

May I suggest you do 2 things: 1: Identify specific github tags to build for each variant of testnet, and 2: provide config details.

Also be aware that Dawn 2.x is deprecated so probably best not to spend effort spinning that up. Likewise the pending Dawn 3.0 RC1 release is going to be a hard fork, so be ready for that. If you really are tracking the master branch, expect plenty of do-overs between now and then.

We created a couple of weeks ago a testnet based on 14.02 build
Now we are testing master , already have a node running , but not yet a testnet

Are you working on an EOS dapp?

We eventually will ,by now working on creating testnet