Bitfinex Block Producer: Values, Roadmap & Milestones

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Three weeks ago we announced our EOS Block Producer candidacy and we couldn't be more appreciative of the feedback and questions we have received since then. The honesty and transparency within this community has been fantastic to experience and we are eager to continue down the same path.

Our focus as an EOS Block Producer would be on pioneering open-source development of EOSIO technology, sharing openly with other projects in the space to facilitate a stable ecosystem of support, collaboration and innovation. We have worked closely with EOS since August 2017 and we are confident in our ability to assist with developing the EOS network further.

As a potential Block Producer, transparency will be integral to effectively securing scaling and adoption of EOS. Bitfinex will not make use of customers funds to influence or take advantage of upcoming votes, and we will strive to make this strictly verifiable. In a similar manner, Bitfinex is not dependent on external investments or pressure, and the contributions we can make to EOS will be fundamentally aligned with the community’s vision for EOS.



Transparency of operations is key to how we will approach the EOS Block Producer role. This will be achieved through open communication channels, frequent updates, open-sourced development and community collaboration. The role of an EOS Block Producer is to promote honesty and openness of operations, and this will be key to the long-term success of EOS as a whole. We aim to take this to heart by making transparency a fundamental component of role in EOS, whether as a Block Producer or not.


Our efforts in this EOS community will be spent sharing and experimenting with block producers, research communities and developers to ensure success and longevity for EOS. Bitfinex will collaborate freely and contribute energy and financial/technical resources to developers, visionaries and projects whose vision aligns with that of the greater community. Our established development teams coupled with self-funded backing allows us to experiment and innovate freely, with less constraints and more creativity.


All our development efforts are, and will continue to, be open-sourced in an effort to contribute as much value to EOS as possible. Our work will be free for the community to critique, give feedback on and make use of to ensure collective success.


  • On April 23rd we publicly announced our Block Producer Candidacy. Our application is available in its entirety here.

  • On May 10th we hosted an AMA on the EOS subreddit to discuss our ideas and development plans with the EOS subreddit.

  • Release of a transparent voting tool for use in the EOS Block Producer vote. This open-source tool will ensure integrity and verifiability with regards to the origin of funds used for the EOS Block Producer vote, and will be free to use for all interested parties. The outline of this voting tool can be found here - the tool itself will be finalised within the next week, ensuring sufficient time for community review prior to the MainNet swap.

  • We are working hard on the development of a secure & intuitive EOS wallet to support the transition of EOS to its MainNet, as well as a number of high-quality airdrops taking place. Selecting the best projects will involve significant input from everyone and is something which will be decided on by the community as a whole.

  • Bitfinex will provide full support for the upcoming EOS MainNet swap to ensure a smooth token registration process for EOS holders on Bitfinex. In addition to this, we will be monitoring major airdrops on EOSIO so that funds remain secure and tokens are distributed amongst EOS holders as originally intended.

  • Following the MainNet swap we will set our focus on the development of educational content, both technical and conceptual, to facilitate the adoption of EOSIO technology and the development of a passionate EOSIO dev community. We will be casting our focus on the practical development of EOSIO to accelerate concrete adoption of EOS technology, on a global scale.

  • We are currently finalising work on ‘SunBeam’, an experimental Node.js library allowing for interaction with standard and custom EOS exchange contracts. Through basic order book and buy/sell functionality, SunBeam will act as the library behind EOSfinex and other decentralised exchange on EOS. In line with our vision as an EOS Block Producer, SunBeam will be entirely open-sourced and free for the EOSIO developer community to make use of.

  • We will be hosting a series of hackathons and development meetups designed to forster collaboration and spread ideas. Our first hackathon is taking place July 20th 2018, with the location to be unveiled shortly. Our goal is to facilitate an open and collaborative development community surrounding decentralised technologies, not least EOS, and we hope that many of you will join us there.

  • Following shortly after all of this is the release of EOSfinex. EOSfinex is a high-performance decentralised exchange platform built on EOSIO technology, designed to provide users with an instant and intuitive non-custodial trading experience. The purpose of EOSfinex is to innovate within EOS, as well as provide a platform the research and adoption with regards to EOS technology focused around security and scalability. The planned launch for EOSfinex is towards the end of July, 2018.

If you have any feedback, ideas, questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to send them our way. You can reach us at [email protected], on Twitter (@paoloardoino & @kethfinex) or on Telegram (@bfxtelegram). Additionally, if you are interested in discussing potential areas for collaboration, send a message our way to start the conversation!


Excellent intitiatives! Great to see those many announcements public and official and all prjects to be open source is really valuable! Keep it up!

Excited to see the the new exchange running on EOS. Love the work you are doing, you will get a vote(s) from me.

That means the world to us - thank you for the support!

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