The world is teeming with good people...

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...and if the world is teeming with good people, what the hell has gone wrong?! Why is the world full of unimaginable sufffering? The reason is that every human, every living thing, every environment on this planet is feeling the effects of a system designed with one thing in mind, domination. The ill effects we all suffer, the war, the ignorance, the lies, the division, the injustice are all consequences of that system and what it must do to survive and endure.

No human being alive today is free of the consequences. Every single one of us carries damage with us, some to a far higher degree than others, but we are all victims of it.

How many human beings are capable of reaching their potential within such a system? I suggest the barest few. What is the true potential that resides within the human species? I suggest it is vast and largely unrealised. What could happen if more of that potential could be unleashed? Given the sometimes alarming pace of technological change and some of the directions it is taking, It might be time to try to find out. One thing is clear, with technologies like robotics, AI, genetic manipulation, fusion energy, space weapons, weather manipulation and many many more, we need to find out who and what we are, how far we are capable of looking after each other and how rapidly we can adapt.

If there was ever a time to question and answer the value of human life, it is now. In order to even begin to answer those questions, we need to adopt systems that give us the space to do so, the ability to connect with each other, with minimal barriers to entry for everyone, free from censorship built upon principals that we can all agree upon. Then, of course, we must understand that we are all, to some extent, carrying physical or psychological damage that affects deeply the way we think, feel, act and perceive each other. The only way I can think of that we might help each other to heal, to help the environment we live in to heal, is to give. Give as much as we can to each other, especially time and patience.

As Yoda says;

"You must unlearn what you have learned."

The system we all live in has largely taught us violence, fear and that human life is cheap. Yet it isn't.

I don't pretend to have all the answers. This post represents some of the conclusions I've made as I wrestle with my own damage, the pain I feel in the damage others carry, and what the heck we can do about it. We are all connected. The health of one is the health of another because the way humans actions combine, motivated by human feelings and thought, defines so much of what we become.


Blockchain technology has provided a way forward, a catalyst to re-evaluate everything. With blockchains, we can connect everyone, harness innovation, re-organise societies, form new kinds of commmnity, co-operate to a degree never possible before, resist censorship, fund anything, de-fund anything, educate everyone, re-organise resources and their supply and bring integrity to all the systems we rely upon.

EOS is one of many promising blockchain technologies. One that in my opinion has the greatest promise to deliver on everything mentioned above. At this very minute, groups of passionate people distributed all over the planet are working hard to launch the EOS main net. That is just the beginning. A successful launch of the blockchain is for nothing without the people of the world adopting it, building on it / for it and using it.

If EOS delivers upon it's promise, that would be quite something. If people the world over can come together on it and by doing so, benefit themselves, their families, their friends and neighbors, even better. Then, if we can all broaden our hearts and horizons to include everyone else, that would be special. For the first time in human history, perhaps we may have a chance to grow beyond the damage we've caused, sustained and better adapt to the challenges that face us.

Blessed are the geeks, for they shall inherit the Earth....clean it up and give it back to us.


original image from - Karl Magnuson


original image from - Joel Henry


Agree with a lot of what you say. You may find Homo Deus a good read.

Not sure EOS is the only answer, but I hope it goes someway to making the world more equal

Thank you very much for the suggestion. I'm absolutely positive EOS is not the only answer, just a step. I hope for so much but would be happy if EOS simply gives us more time and space to go further.

i agree with you..good writing :)

Thank you :)

The earth is teeming of good people and one of those people is you @benjojo
EOS is a promising project that aims to deliver things that are good and it remains to be seen and felt in the future. But for myself I already had experienced the benefits of blockchain technology with this social blogging with rewards and I truly am thankful about it. God bless the Geeks.

Thank you cryptopie. The fact that you have seen benefits makes me so happy. Imagine when everyone is feeling them! Beautiful. I hope you are feeling strong bud. Big love for the Geeks! 😊

It is indeed time for us to unlearn all that we have learned, as 99.9% of the things we are worrying about should not exist and only do exist so that those at the top, who created these things, can profit from.

As we wake up to our Tru Selves and discover that our value is inside, we take back our control. We don't need any of this crap. Life is NOT getting better, only more chaotic.

I'm excited for the future and dismantling this system!

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