TRYBE - A Knowledge Sharing Social Site Based On EOS

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I have been keeping up with the happenings over on the EOS blockchain and the different projects that are getting started there.


Today I came across a project/platform that is being built on EOS.

The project is called TRYBE. It is a knowledge sharing site where you earn tokens for writing posts and sharing videos, inviting friends and other actions. Sound familiar?

This project is in its very early stages. The site is not very polished at this point in time and is labeled as Beta.

If I understand correctly it is currently a Word Press site and they still need to fully integrate with the EOS blockchain but they are keeping track of your actions, including how many tokens you have earned.

I am always looking for ground floor opportunities and when it's easy and free to sign up, it is hard to pass up.

I think that this kind of site built on EOS, if executed properly can be very successful.

If you are looking for ground floor opportunities like this and you are interested in this project, please consider using my referral link to sign up:

I will earn 50 tokens for each friend that signs up.


My user name on TRYBE is cryptofy. I hope to post some articles soon. If you sign up please look me up and let's be friends over there too.

Their airdrop is scheduled for September 11th so there is no time like the present. You will get 100 tokens for signing up and it could be moon from there. ;)


I like trybe, although beta is maybe a bit of a push ;)
There is a good community already and especially eos based discussion and info is already better than on steem....

I will have to say I have read a couple of articles about EOS news on trybe and they were well written and informative. Thanks for stopping by!

ive been using it for a few weeks now and really like it :)

It does sound very familiar, and very beta-ish. I'd like to keep tabs on it, but I don't know if I want to split time yet between platforms. You must like what you see, though. What kinds of things do you find attractive about it besides the ground floor opportunity?

It's built on EOS where there is a lot of talent right now, I feel. They will have to improve things quite a bit though to compete with Steemit and other social media.

Yeah, okay. I'm sure they and everyone else associated with EOS are going to do their best to make things better. I guess at whatever point that appears to be happening is the time to seriously check it out. Competition is bound to come, and maybe Steemit will get motivated by it, or maybe not. I don't think their intent is to maintain a website, though. They have their sights on bigger fish, and hopefully, they will be proven right in the end.

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