EOS Getting Ready to Moon - Messages From Dan In EOS Telegram Chat

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In case you haven't heard, Block One has announced the announcement of the announcement! Here is their tweet:


Something big is going down June 1, 2019 in Washington DC! I think they will be announcing their wallet, and their social media dapp, AKA Steemit 2.0. There is all kinds of speculation going on based on some emojis Dan was posting as hints.


Maybe even some form of UBI could be announced, though I kind of doubt this one.


Also I think they could be burning their first year Stake?



Per Dan, It is going to be bigger than anything Block One has announced since they they announced eosio!


He also said this tonight...


He actually promised the moon if that's what we want...


Do you know where that quote comes from?


It really is a wonderful life.


Don't get me wrong, I love Steem too. Just excited to see what @dan has in store for us next. ;)


Dont like speculation.

I will just wait and a few weeks after publishing I will look at whatever has been published.

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Speculation can be fun when you are excited about something but it is often disappointing. Note that I did not suggest people run out and fill their bags with EOS.

My assumption is that they will release something in June, not just making another announcement, at least i hope so! Likely will be MEOS + Wallet

I hope you're right! If not I think they will announce that it goes live July 4th based on the emoji hints. ;)

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Hey, @bbrewer.

It seems like the buzz around Steemit 2.0 is beginning to bubble a little around here, and with the pre-announcement, no doubt that will cause more of a stir. There are plenty of Dan fans still here, and I'm sure there will many who will be checking out the new dApp when/if it arrives.

However, maybe it's just me, but his statements that a) trump advisors know about block.one, and b) that everyone in DC wants to talk to them, is not filling me with major excitement. At least not as far as decentralization and no regulation goes. I suppose speaking with block.one might not mean EOS specifically, but about blockchain technology in general. However, rubbing elbows with DC-ites? Uh, pass. :)

Hey Glen, I think they will announce a date for the launch of their new social dapp and they will deliver on that date. They have a very good track record of delivering services on time.

The part about "getting in bed with the government" doesn't give me the warm fuzzies either. It could make price skyrocket but at what cost?

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