Dan Larimer in Telegram: " Bitshares Decentralized Exchange 3.0 Will Likely Be Here Before Steemit 2.0 " | Screenshot Enclosed.

in eos •  7 months ago

I am such a fan of @dan / @dantheman as many of you know.

This is good news for everyone in crypto, no matter what project you believe in friends.

He did mis speak, he admitted later as BTS 2.0 already exists.

Thanks for Reading.

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Alas, I have gotten pretty tired of even looking at all this stuff. I just keep coming away with this feeling that the protracted hype surrounding projects (with all the attendant wild price spikes and retreats) becomes more important than the projects, themselves...

Yeah, I know, "cynic much, lately?"


Oh your comments are justified man. That is well said, actually.

People focus on price too much, and not the fundamentals, the space has a lot of maturity to grow into that way.

I believe in EOS and Dan, as you may know, he has a track record of success early in the space my man, as you also know.

The launch was full of problems, I know but things are being resolved.

I hope you are doing well.

I will always listen to you.


Without doubt, Dan is a genius and visionary.

Sometimes it seems to me that everyone in this niche is learning that decentralization may be great, but launching major decentralized projects via consensus... it's a "space" most people are not familiar working with, so everything takes MUCH longer to do than when you an just "call a meeting" and hash everything and everyone's part out in a few hours.

Such terminology is burning bridges.