Blocktivity Resource Report! : EOS, Bitshares & Steemit. | 7/11/2018 | Website Measuring Blockchain ACTIVITY. | STEEMIT & BITSHARES Always At the Top Still.

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Stats are CURRENT.

This website shows the ACTIVITY on the blockchain of several projects, it is very useful in this regard to see how some blockchains perform vs. others.

The columns show useful things like how many tx's (transactions) / 24 hours each does, how scaleable they are (how close are they to capping or maxing out / stressing their current blockchain, etc. as well as the usual price/market cap info.

Just hover over the indicators near the end of each coin to see the STRESS LEVELS for each chain.

The Graphene tech built into Steem and Bitshares by Dan Larimer means they are currently always UNDER 1% of their capacity, vs. Ethereum, Bitcoin or other busy chains.

Some blockchains are just not that busy period, (yet) -- so they are not under a scaling worry at this time.


Amazing, this graphene blockchain tech by Dan.

Thanks to @dan / @dantheman - Dan Larimer for his genius behind these things.

So many new people arriving daily to Steemit and Crypto need little resources like this to help them and learn.

Today's Stats:

Literally -- Steemit and Bitshares have always been at / near the top or both in the top 3 - 5 currencies anytime I have seen this in the past.

They are busy blockchains!!!

Screenshot of today's market activity in order of performance in this chart:

  • Each coin has a clickable link to show current pricing / value and below that, 30 day reports too.
  • I find the activity/stress levels and performance exciting, and useful but I am a numbers nerd like that LOL.

Latest Pie Chart / Activity Breakdown:

N/A Some days when I check.


1 Week Report Day by Day:



1 Week Report Day by Day:



1 Week Report Day by Day:


Check it out here:

Thanks for reading, have a nice day.

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