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RE: What could a blockchain Constitution look like?

in #eos4 years ago

Growing up in a country without a constitution like the US has, where every citizen quotes various points and amendments, this seems foreign to me. Shouldn't we be moving away from the restrictions of such agreements? Isn't that what's great about a decentralised platform like this? Now I'm not up to date on legal studies, and have little interest in such, and I don't mean to offend, simply questioning the need.


Absent an agreement between the two parties, both parties are subject to arbitrary law and judicial processes. Unlike traditional constitutions, this one is truly peer-to-peer, decentralized, and mutual.

That comment help me made sense of the need of blockchain constitution. I hadn't realize it.

In some sense if more people would agree to some blockchain constitution this constitution could become more binding than state constitution which we agree are in reality non binding due to the fact that we supposedly agree to state constitution but in effect the treat of violence or imprisonment made if we don't respect state constitution make those invalid right from the gecko.

Ok, I guess I need to read more into this and about agreements in general to truly grep it

Hello Dan- In regards to Article 3 and 4- Would you be kind enough to elaborate a bit? Is there a cap on how much EXAMPLE one can buy? Would EXAMPLE be structured in such a way that the vote of all active/ contributory Steemians was equal across the board-? With standards to define 'active and contributory' of course.

What are your thoughts on a Constitutional Convention where Steemians gather virtually and debate and discuss the details of a Constitution? There's lots of really sharp people on this platform.


That would be a good thing to clarify.