EOS = Blockchain Real Estate. How the price of EOS tokens will increase over time

in eos •  8 months ago

Found this video on Youtube detailing EOS. Pretty good and I've been saying that EOS, like Steem Power, is real estate. The difference is that the Steem token is a much more niche token with less utility.

  • Bitcoin is blockchain or cash
  • Ethereum is blockchain gas/oil
  • EOS is blockchain real estate

One question I do have...

Since Block.one owns 10% of the EOS tokens, will they saturate the "delegated influence" market and greatly drive down the price?

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There will be a very lucrative rental/leasing market for EOS. DAPP developers will not want to spend millions or tens of millions to purchase EOS for bandwidth - they will rent it. If you want to open a store you don't go and buy a shopping mall, you lease some space for your store. I expect DAPPs will work in the same way, especially for scaling up and down. EOS will probably be the first crypto that allows investors to generate substantial passive income.


yep, curious what the @minnowbooster team has planned. I hope they get serious with floating interest rates. Wonder what types of rates we can expect.


glad to know others are thinking along the same lines as me.


NEO attempted a weak version of this. NEO generates GAS and they described owning NEO is like buying the house and buying GAS is like renting the House.

We already have SP delegation on steemit. It's only natural that EOS will have something similar. Unlike PoS or PoW coin/token creation, the earnings will be market based instead of algorithm based.

Very enlightening and well explained video, watched the whole thing but only with 2x speed, he does speak rather slowly. Still, great analogy and loved the way he broke it down.
Upvoted a bunch of your posts and resteeming this one, still waiting on some open requests to delegate my SP :)


yeah, the Steem blockchain is (i think) too niche and with too much community disapproval to truly utilize the delegated "for rent" aspect of the coin. EOS will be a complete game changer.

This is why I keep standing eos. No matter at what price. Upvoted. Followed. Resteemed.


thx man. I'm super pumped and bullish on EOS.

In the video he mentioned that he read somewhere that Block.one could not sell their 10% on the market. Not only that but they cannot even be transferred on the Ethereum network :

"The EOS Token distribution smart contract does not permit block.one to trade or transfer the Founders Tokens during the EOS Token distribution period."
"block.one will lock new founders tokens distributed pursuant to such EOS Platform in a smart contract and release 10,000,000 (10%) of such tokens to block.one at the end of each one year anniversary of the genesis block over a period of 10 years."
Source: https://eos.io/faq.html

This is certainly good from an investor standpoint. Seems that for developers, it means that they will have to pay the higher price to buy/rent space on the EOS network.


Guess we'll see what %APR the token rental market creates. It's neat that they have the option to rent or buy.

Great to video about the EOS project! Thanks for the sharing the information. Good for you, good for us all!. Thank you

Thats it, im buying some eos today. Cant wait any longer on it.

@ashe-oro EOS is going to be a great thing and it is still at such a great level to purchase on pullbacks in price.


agreed. If it sells off on the news (which is common) i'm gonna go in even harder :)

Yes my brother I think the currency will rise soon


i'm a real estate investor...just not the way the gov expected.


Yes I started here but I do not have much experience I notice from my articles do not rise in recent times only 0.01

I love the way this guy present EOS, this video should be put in text format.

Good job brother 👍


thank you!

great post like it


thanks for reading! Have you invested in EOS?

Very enlightening and well explained video