@Dan plans to build a Steem competitor on EOS (says in Telegram)

in eos •  10 months ago

Well, it's official. @Dan mentions in a telelgram chat that he plans to build a Steem competitor on EOS. Check this out.



He'll most likely airdrop on the EOS genesis block so get your EOS tokens ready.

The Steem team should be very afraid. There are some serious issues afoot here and Dan has learned a lot of lessons from building the Steem blockchain. I'll be using both until I figure out which is best. I wonder what the "power down" time will be and if the token will have more utility.

Don't ya just love Free Market competition?


Btw, this post by EOS Go is full of awesome nuggets by Dan Larimer. Check it out!

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Alright. I'm seeing some fud around eos. Mostly doubt. Trying to learn in a balanced and objective fashion.

What is the problem with steem, and how does eos fix it? I'm on steem. It's working for me as a small user, but I'm open to the possibility of a better market option.

Is EOS real yet? It's just an ERC20 token at this point, right? That's not a thing that's independent yet. What are the plans with it as far as matching when the real token drops? Is the ico a fundraiser for the main eos network? Cause that's a pretty cool idea to me as long as the "pre-adopters" are rewarded on the new blockchain.

Everyone join in here, I'm learning by reading the questions, but trying to ask some more critical questions to shed a different light that may reveal something new for both communities.


there are issues with Steem that will be difficult to change now that there's already staked interested. It's typically easier to change things before launch before having to get the buy in from the token holders of the community and getting consensus.


I see. So kinda what's happening is that he realized his mistakes, learned, and instead of making a lot more work and effort, he's starting over on a new platform.

When is the expected launch?


Pretty much

Remember, it's not just a Steem competitor. It's a facebook, twitter, instagram, etc competitor. There is plenty of room in the sea for two awesome decentralized social media platforms :)


very true. I'll hold my Steem and my EOS.

STEEM better do well with those SMTs. One major problem was the distribution of STEEM. The mining had ended before most people even got to know about the platform. EOS on the other hand had one of the most fairest distributions.

If STEEM survives, SMTs will pretty much be the main reason for it.


Completely agreed. They better launch them by August. Dan's coming for Steem.

Free competition that too in the market is always great to have... Lets see what we are presented with. Let it launch.


let it launch!!! love it.


Seeing you so excited i am getting goosebumps.... It for sure will be great.

this is great and expected news, the advantage that eos social network will have over steemit is that people that gets into steemit comes for the social network itself and the benefits of a payment network but for the common users is difficult to understand how to spend or cashout steem dollars or steems. in eos you would have a positive feedback loop between people that uses eos social network and wins rewards they can spend/invest in dapps and people that creates an account in eos because of a dapp and has automatically an account available in the eos social network. it will be more of competition to fb rather than steemit.

Apologies for being MR STUPID QUESTION, but what is an EOS Genesis Block?


Lol Mr stupid question? We are still learning, no one knows it all. Be free to ask questions


Genesis or first block of EOS blockchain.

Dan is such a genius. Let's check out EOS now. Looking forward to it


he rly is

Free market is good. I was hoping he'd do that airdrop in steem. So they key is just accumulation of EOS. BUY EOS EVERYDAY


no way he'd airdrop on Steem. He doesn't want to reward the shit distribution that plagues Steem.


Hmmmmm anyways I'm happy I got into EOS way early

A steem competitor? This is certainly new to me, how long does he plan it for? I'm guessing it's going to be a long term project rather than a short term project?
And what do you think will be the effect of this on steem?

OOh wow ...That's a good news and i am sure that will be awesome
Waiting for its launch :)

Competition is good for the improvement. Let's hope for the best. This competition give rise to both steem and new competitors. It will be beneficial for user as well keep sharing @ashe-oro

competition is good, but at the same time STEEM is years ahead. The competition should provide motivation for steemit to change from beta to finished status. Plus SMT's do have some merit to boost STEEM as a major competitor. One social media site will not have such negative effects on anything. At this point it's a work in progress; meaning it's nothing at all yet. When it actually becomes "something" and the traffic and payouts actually happen then it's a full on discussion.


well, remember Dan built Steem and has learned a lot of lessons. I'm not so certain abt the head start that Steem has...

Awesome! What group is this on telegram? Thanks for the heads up! Resteeming.


i follow the EOS Go account on Steem :)

reading your post, I became interested. but I still do not understand it. probably because of my weak knowledge. if you are willing to share information about the free market, would be very grateful. this will be a valuable science that I can. I will not forget her. but if it seems to be a hassle, I will not be disappointed. Maybe it is not yet time. Thank you for your attention

Resteem brother

Very good initiative I appreciate her this great initiative. . I do not know how much this plan will affect steem, I want to hear your opinion about this @ashe-oro????

This is really a Good News for Us but i think it’s Not good for steemit
Waiting for what @dan will built!!!
Thanks @ashe-oro for the News

Good plans and encouraging, hope the competitor won't affect the young ones on steemit(planktons and minnows)??? Thanks for the post @ashe-oro

consider, it is not just a Steem competitor. it is a fb, twitter, instagram, and so on competitor. there is lots of room inside the sea for 2 incredible decentralized social media structures :)

its very good news for us.its very important chat of build up steem competitor.its really good achievement oppurtunity for all people when this plan is success doing.thanks alot for your good post sharing.its very good and new onformatin sir.very well done sir.. @ashe-oro

This is really a great new for us. This will be healthy competition like between amazon and alibaba. Both will focus on their quality and services. We are feeling very blessed to be a part of it.

I Upvoted And Followed you. do The same for me and we could help each other Earn.

Is really a welcome development if it wil bring about the growth of the system.. Because every information should aimed at meeting the desire need of the people.
Good work

that's good plan, @Dan take the right decision to build up Steem on EOS.

Thanks for the information, let hope it will be a great Step.

Competition is always welcomed..
Waiting for the launch, we'll see what EOS has to offer..

Just some few hours ago, I was watching a video OK YouTube and Dan was talking about eos storage. Not only was I happy that I'm getting into EOS early, but I'm just surprised at the solution he's bringing to the world.

EOS storage will have no fees. As long as you have some eos locked up like steem Power, you can host without fees and that will be serious competiton for sia, storj filecoin amazon and Google.


exactly. Storage, ram, bandwith, etc. It's gonna big.

Is that possible anyway amazing update naa.thank you so much.

Woow it's a very genius plan, will it work?

EOS tokens ...? our coin am confused

Great information sir,Resteemed,Eos has potential,but is it compititor for steem nana

Interesting post, I believe EOS will be the best platform long-term. That said I still have more invested in Steem. Reason being money in Steem now is working capital, where as EOS tokens just sit there.

But if the price of EOS keeps dropping I might buy some more.


EOS hasn't even launched yet and Dan isn't capable of staying on a team long enough to see the job completed. so with that being said lets just all of us "hurry up and wait" about it!!
HODL full STEEM ahead


Well I think he did such a good job that steem will still be successful. Bitshares seems ok without him now too. The more I like Steem the more I'm sure his next blockchain will be great.

Then again if SMT comes out before EOS, it could end up being huge. We already have stuff like dtube so if SMT could enhance sites like that even more it will really be full STEEM ahead.


I agree with what you are saying.
However, steem has many platforms in use where eos has zero functioning (that I’m aware of) platforms. Steem has members whereas eos has people interested and those people are already Steemers (most likely). SMTs will be used on steem as well. The community in steem is strong and an actual force where at most eos is just another unimplemented idea.
I think we all should “hurry up and wait” about it like I mentioned earlier.

Full steem ahead!!!

After you figure out which is best do share your views with us, we will be waiting 😊