What's going to happen to my opinion when EOS comes out

in eos •  8 months ago

For those who see it, I'm talking about EOS as a changeable force in the crypto world
I wonder what apps you can invent to work on this wonderful idea ...

Some things need to happen so that EOS really will be a success.

  • Good ideas for distributed applications
  • EOS will work well as a blockchain network
  • adoption
  • Media that will talk about the currency.

Constant development of the currency.

The first app I thought you could do with EOS is very similar to the Brave but simply based on EOS

The problem with Brave is that you have to deposit money to use it.

Maybe if they do it using EOS it will really be much more accessible to the common user and really those who contribute the most to the project will also be rewarded.

for knowing more about BAT that im talking about watch the video above

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That's true @amiramnoam! BAT sets the price of any user's attention and thus reward publishers who lose advertising revenue due to the ad blocking system of Brave Browser. Users are rewarded with BAT token which has very less worth right now as compared to EOS token.

If this app was created on EOS then users will automatically get rewarded everytime they access the website where ads are blocked from publishers. Now the speed of EOS token is pretty fast and adaptability is also huge. EOS can also help developers create "n"number of application that can enhance the functionality of such a browser.

It would be really interesting to see how publishers and advertisers can get benefited out of this. With EOS, there is a great opportunity to change the game forever. Thanks for this great post. :)

just 2 days to launch will be very interesting

You don't have to deposit BAT to use Brave, but you are right that the alternative revenue model for content creators only works if people actually do deposit BAT. I have, but I wonder how long I'd do so if they didn't give away free BAT regularly.
It is a problem with the business model.

useful information, I will explore more about what you are talking about BAT.
thanks for sharing

Is there any risk when we use EOS?
I hope there is no risk that harms us when we use EOS.
Thanks for your information @amiramnoam

In my opinion EOS is really great project and for sure it will rise up as soon as the EOS Blockchain is ready, and there are many aspects which can boost the Platform but in my opinion the most important aspect is the team behind the EOS project. And i don't know it's true or not somewhere i heard that EOS also can launch the Social Media Platform but it's still an speculation and let's hope that whatever EOS will launch it will be great and will boost the Crypto Market. And literally speaking there are many projects which are coming up with great idea and we saw that recently Steem Based Card Swap game is launched so there are many aspects which are really interesting aspects.

And about Bat and Brave i know one thing and that is, the project related to monetisation and i wish that with it's lacking aspect it can still grow. But Crypto market is super volatile and we cannot judge it. So let's hope for the best and in my opinion and instincts are telling that future is bright. Thanks for sharing this post with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

EOS si que ha dado de que hablar.. me instruiré en el ramo..