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Hello steemians,
An airdrop is ongoing on the EOS platform to claim some carmel tokens which will be used on the EOS platform after its launch,its advisable to get some free tokens right now as an early adopter of carmel,it might be worth a fortune in the nearest future.


Carmel is a token that will be used on a tech based micro learning platform on the EOS blockchain which is aimed at building workers/individuals to be more professional technically[software development,programming etc] without the need of a formal computer science degree.

From my simple analysis in accordance with information from carmel website,I could deduct that it had a total supply of 70 000 000 tokens of which 60%[42 000 000] will be sold and distributed to investors, 20% are reserved for founders in a Founders Fund, 10% for partners in a Partners Fund which leaves us with just 10% [7 000 000] left

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If just 20000 people claim 350 due tokens through the airdrop and all other allocations ..that basically locks up almost the total supply of the carmel tokens and thus makes it even more scarce and valuable which might result in a price increase!.

From the above facts and explanation,you can now see why it is essential for you to take this golden opportunity and get some tokens for free now before they become too expensive to purchase....all you need to claim carmel airdrop is:
● a smartphone
●yandex browser
●metamask extension and
●at least 0.1 EOS

Steps to claim carmel airdrop(on phone)

● Goto carmel website and register here


After registration,download yandex browser (alpha) from playstore


Then visit metamask.io on yandex browser and click on get chrome extension


A new page will load...click on add to chrome and wait for some seconds/minute for it to complete....depending on network


Now click on menu/options on ur yandex browser and click on extensions



A sub menu will appear and you will see metamask...Click it


A menu will pop up asking u to complete metamask installation...agree and accept all terms and set a good password....remember to write down the mnemonic phrase(unique words to backup ur metamask account) After that...login!


After successful login
Now load the carmel airdrop page....the claim button will now be ticked in green and you can claim but make sure you have at least 0.1 EOS token in your metamask wallet

Here is a short guide on how to get EOS and send it to your metamask address to claim carmel tokens

Go here to buy some EOS


Goto the order books and fulfil a sell order to buy some EOS



After buying your desired amount of EOS,proceed to withdraw it to your ethereum wallet address as shown below


After successful withdrawal....go back to your metamask extension and copy your address



After copying your address...goto forkdelta and initiate a transfer of 0.1 EOS to your metamask address


To conclude the process,add EOS token to your metamask extension so that it can reflect and you can claim your carmel tokens



EOS in token name box and

0x86fa049857e0209aa7d9e616f7eb3b3b78ecfdb0 in the contract address box and click on save


After following all these steps,you should now be able to claim your free carmel tokens.Be fast guys....there is a limit to how many carmel that can be claimed everyday and it might be more competitive to get very soon.Deadline for airdrop is may 7


Questions,comments and constructive criticism are highly welcomed ,Till the next time we meet...I remain my humbleself @amec


My village people oh amec😥😥😥, well detailed tutorial.

Lolx...keep trying sir

Thanks for this dear
Am surely getting mine

Yw...surely u should

Thank you, I have been stuck on how to claimed caramel for one week now. ...

Sorry about that dear.....hope this can help


Just got mine. Thanks


This airdrop should be massive. Will check it out ASAP. Thanks for sharing @amec

Yw sir...it surely will be....there is much more to it than the token aspect..

Oh wow! Thanks a gazillion for this... Off to get mine asap

Thanks @amec for this. Now I understand the urgency that came with it but you will have to put me through each step.

Lolx....ok dear...tnx for coming

quite unclear here. where do i get the token address on the metadata for eos?





okay, let's start over. i need you to explain how i would do it if i have my coins on binance.

obviously, i would have to transfer it to MEW first, and then pair it with Metamask. can you run through this process for me, one more time buddy.


The reason I didn't illustrate binance in this tutorial is because of the ambiguous 0.4 or so EOS transaction fee....but u can simply sell ur eos for eth on binance and use the eth to buy steem,send steem to your steemit account then use blocktrades to convert the steem to eth directly to your account and buy eos on forkdelta and follow the process in this tutorial...that is if u want to avoid the 0.4 eos fee

But if you can afford it...simply transfer eos to your metamask address from binance...advisable to transfer all...and follow the tutorial...pls lemme know if you still dont understand...am.here to help

Thanks. the 0.4 was such a ripoff. i sent 0.9, and only 0.5 made it to MEW. i guess i'll just send all of it to Metamask at once. can metamask be used independently without ever owning a MEW ACCOUNT?

That is why I advised you transfer all earlier.....yes...metamask can be independently used sir

Thanks a lot brother, redeemed

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