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Aloha, friends!

Now that the EOS mainnet launch has commenced, we wanted to let you know about a new research portal we’ve put together to help you figure out which block producers to vote for. You can view it at We built this tool to help you discover, rank, sort, and generally provide you assistance when choosing which block producers should receive your vote. Our goal with this was to surface as much information as we could on each potential block producer and give you the ability to do sorts in new and unique ways.

Sorting options

Most of the columns are self-explanatory however we’d like to point out a couple that you might not have seen before on other portals: EOS, number of votes, and EOS/Vote. Most of the columns are sortable and reversible. We think this will give you different ways of viewing who are being voted for and the various metrics associated as well.


Another way to get additional information on the block producers is to click on their row. When you do, you will see details about that producer from their bp.json file. These details provide information about that producer’s:
• Account name (used for voting)
• Website
• Steemit and other social media contact points
• Node locations (useful for understanding block producer coverage globally)
• Agreement with the Code of Conduct
• Public API and whether it employs SSL
• Public P2P

Here is an example from our detail page:

We hope you find this portal to be valuable as you decide on your block producing candidates, and if you feel like throwing Aloha EOS a vote, we appreciate it.

About Aloha EOS

Aloha EOS is a block producer candidate that is committed to the EOS platform. We promote the EOS community tenets of integrity, transparency, benefit to community and commitment to the overall success of EOS. Our unique geographic location helps with the diversification of the EOS block production network as we bridge the North American continent with all points West.

Until next time, Aloha!

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