Improvements to our Voter and Proxy tools

in eos •  7 months ago

Aloha friends,

We’re pleased to announce some changes to our tools that we’d like to call to your attention. As you may know we have our EOS Block Producer Research Portal which shows BP rank and other information in a nice columnar view to help you decide what BPs to vote for:


We’ve now added the option to view the listing with validation checks displayed so that you no longer have to click through on each BP to see that data:


Additionally you may notice that we added a check for “Website” which checks to make sure that a site is up and returning a 200 status.

Also, we’ve improved the details view with a cleaner design and to read a bit more clearly:


Finally, in addition to the changes listed above, we have added a new feature to our Proxy Research Portal. You can now toggle between viewing only those proxies who have registered information about themselves (shown below) or all proxy accounts.


We love EOS and are excited to keep producing tools. If you appreciate our tools or find what we’re doing valuable, we’d sincerely appreciate your vote (alohaeosprod).


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