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RE: EOS - Example Exchange Contract and Benefits of C++

in #eos3 years ago

Nice post! Steemit really needs syntax highlighting though :) Any thoughts on using something like AssemblyScript for writing contracts?


Great Suggestion

Can you compare with TurboScript? Looks like AssemblyScript is much more mature than TurboScript. I wonder though why we have two similar projects.

Does it decompile from wasm too?

AFAIK AssemblyScript was born out of dissatisfaction with some of the design choices in TurboScript. Not sure what the exact differences are anymore, looks like TurboScript is moving to binaryen now as well. I would personally go with AssemblyScript in a heartbeat just because I know that the dcode guy makes some great modules.

It doesn't decompile from wasm, and I don't think it ever will. You could maybe use SourceMaps to go back when support for that is added.

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