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RE: The Message is the Medium

in #eos5 years ago (edited)

message flow = more quantum-like behavior, from a design perspective (my visual analogy, interpetation, as non CS-geek): message = medium | messaging ↔ quantum superposition

time to read this a few more times...


Ummmmm okay I'll roll. Liberties taken.

When the DARPA guy needs to read it a few more times, I feel better about myself for having done so.

The way I think of it in terms of requirements to classes of users, Bitcoin is a state machine to a consumer and a messaging machine to a bank. A user only cares about the current state of their balance after every transaction ie deposit or withdraw . The bank cares about where that money has been, what it has done, keep track of where it is going.

That's a good analogy.

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