AcroEOS, An EOS Block Producer Candidate

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Acro is a prefix meaning “top, summit, or beginning”. This is how we see ourselves in the coming days, operating on the mainnet and contributing to the EOS ecosystem as a Block Producer.   

AcroEOS is a subsidiary of ICB Co., Ltd. (, an expert in payment technology and merchant acceptance. AcroEOS is well capitalized and is not sensitive to short term fluctuations in token value.  

ICB’s main businesses are cross border retail payments, remittance, and logistics. ICB has partnered with various multinational companies and managed transaction systems covering thousands of merchants. Retail and high speed blockchain transactions require accurate insight of cross border solutions and practices. ICB has significant practical experience, and is interested in real-world applications of distributed ledger technology. ICB’s only blockchain related investment, in 2015, is a single digit minority interest in the blockchain technology company Streami, parent company of the trading facility GOPAX.  

ICB wants and expects EOS to succeed. To accelerate the EOS ecosystem’s access to existing real world transaction systems, ICB launched AcroEOS. ICB has 5,000 plus merchants in its network, processes more than 1 billion USD in annual transactions, and its logistics operations make over 1 million distinct deliveries per year. We believe AcroEOS, with ICB’s backing, brings the knowledge, skills, and industry connections to be a contributive block producer developing the EOS ecosystem.   

ICB is the basis for our experience, trust, and ability. Through ICB, AcroEOS has the licenses required in Korea to operate in the financial technology sector, regardless of how the EOS token might be categorized by any local regulator. By leveraging all of this, we plan to promote and drive widespread usage of EOS among consumers and businesses. 


AcroEOS is focused on stable EOS operation. It is our only job. We will put all our resources into operating an excellent block producer, and educating and promoting awareness in the broader community. We believe that blockchain is a technology which will change the world. We, the AcroEOS team, want to take a lead in this movement.   

With our experience in financial technology, AcroEOS will: 

● Search for and promote EOS dApps that contribute to real-world usage. 

● Develop infrastructural solutions for payments, remittance, CA (Certificates of Authority, required for Korean KYC and AML compliance), and logistics for EOS dApps. 

● Organize regular Hackathons, meetups, and educational programs. 

● Work together with various EOS communities in different regions and listen to opinions and experience about success and failures. 


ICB, our parent, has experience bringing apps to market, and will promote and invest in dApps for the EOS ecosystem. ICB has very, very strong ties to the payment processing, retail merchant, international settlement and logistics industries in Korea and China, all based on fiat currencies. ICB will learn from the experience of AcroEOS and accelerate acceptance and deployment of new EOS technologies into these existing businesses.   

ICB handles multi-hundred million US dollar equivalent transactions daily in fiat currency. We deeply understand the software, hardware, and network infrastructure necessary to implement and operate such systems and businesses. We also understand local and some international KYC and AML issues well. Through ICB AcroEOS has good relations with local regulatory organizations, and will take proactive steps to ensure that EOS is compliant, supported, and freely tradeable in Korea.  


There are many outside of our network who would benefit from EOS. To involve them and continue to expand the popularity of the EOS technology, AcroEOS will engage with experts on blockchain technology, governance, and economics to provide ongoing EOS classes. We will also hold regular advanced technical courses and lectures offering certification.   

AcroEOS also plans to produce high quality articles concerning EOS, analysis of projects, and other informative content pieces. We are building a new “Acropolis” for EOS where people can discuss how to improve the EOS ecosystem.  


Jack Lee - Operation Division 
Vice President, China Merchants Securities Korea subsidiary 
Software Engineer, SK Holdings C&C 
B.E. in Software Engineering, Zhejiang University

Damian Byeon - Community Division 
Co-founder, Riseagain
Communication manager, KOMRAS
B.A. in Event Management and Advertising, Iowa State University   

Kyungseok Choi - Community Division 
ICB - New Biz manager 
LG Electronics, Thinkware, Humax 
MBA, HULT International Business School   

Jayden Hwang - Research Division
Co-founder of 
Research Engineer, LG display 
M.S. in Computer Science and Engineering, GIST (Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology)   

Hanyong Lee - Strategy Division 
Cross-border payment expert 
M.S. in Sogang Information & Technology   

Grek Won - System & Security Division 
Senior System Engineer, YeloPay 
Senior System Engineer, Sysgate 
System Engineer, UBPay

Kyungsu Min - Technical Division 
System Engineer, SK Communications 
System Engineer, Interpark 
B.S. in Computer Science, Kangnam University   

David Jeong - Technical Division 
Software Engineer, Mining Pool Project 
Software Engineer, SKT Voip Smart Conference 
Software Engineer, Ankle Monitor System of Korea Minister of Justice 
Software Engineer, Samsung Securities mPop Easy       


Technical competence is an essential element as a block producer. Our parent company’s experience, coming from nearly two decades of operating servers for financial services, has given us the necessary skills to be a qualified candidate for EOS Block Producer. AcroEOS has sufficient knowledge of technical performance and familiarity with security to overcome any challenges.    


AcroEOS offices and servers are in Seoul, Korea. Our servers are managed by a professional system management team. We will serve the EOS network using a bare metal setup on an independent, separated network. Application-Specific Firewall machines and block producing machine will be deployed at a secured facility. The ASF machines will operate as protocol firewalls. We are prepared to connect directly with other block producers via VPN. In emergencies, we will operate a UPS system for uninterrupted operations and servers for emergency backup will be located off-site.   

Initial Network Bandwidth : 1Gb/s   

Main Block Production server
CPU : 6 core Xeon® 3.4GHz. 2EA 
RAM : 768GB DDR4 ECC.  
Storage : 4TB NVMe   

Application-Specific Firewall server
CPU : 4 core Xeon® 3.7GHz 
Storage : 960GB. 2EA    

※ server capacity will be expanded as needed.  


email  [email protected] 





Wechat  AcroEOS  

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