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RE: Announcing shEOS – All Female Block Producer Candidate for EOS Blockchain

in #eos6 years ago

Wow sexist much. The EOS community l, or indeed the entire crypto community does not define itself as male or female. If males released MENOS there would be a massive outcry. Typical double standards, this only promotes sexism and does nothing to fight equality. I will stand by all the other non gender or race isolating block producers.


The community isn't defined as a whole by gender, yet is heavily dominated by only one. We aim for gender balance, an equal 1:1 rather than 1:20. The ShEOS women in blockchain initiative is set forward to educate more women in finance and technology, specifically how to use and develop for the EOS network. We have many male advocates and community members helping with this mission.

Fair enough Crystal I am all for equality but not hypocrisy, my statement stands, if this was the other way around there would be outrage.

Nothing is stopping anyone from getting into this space, no one has campaigned to get any gender, race or sexual orientation in this space, if your statistics are correct then the real question is "Why do women not gravitate towards crypto".

A lot of the code is open source and freely available on the​ internet. I was not approached by anyone saying "Hey check this out" I used google, anyone can do the same. I feel this is very inappropriate​ and offensive​ to women as is your profile​ picture.

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