SUCCESSFUL EOS Registration on Exodus Wallet with ONE BUTTON! Here is what the FINAL Screen after a successful Registration looks like! I love Green Pixels and Checkmarks :D They should have added a sound effect though :D Now Exodus just needs STEEM/SBD!

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These green pixels and check marks make a user feel so good! Here is what the LAST and FINAL step looks like on this 4 part EOS Registration Post Cluster. This is what you are left with, (with the transaction ID which I have covered up with a green line) but you can go check your registrration if you wish, and you just have to make sure you have 0.00036 ETH in your ETHEREUM wallet on Exodus to make the registration transaction go through! Anyway this is a GREAT tool, new exodus update available here:

This will change things for EOS, this tool is going to be the MOST popular way to hold EOS tokens, and when people find out Exodus has a built in Shapeshift Exchange that requires 0 paperwork and no registration, they will LOVE Exodus! AND when Exodus adds USDT Tether this month, we will see for the first time a very user friendly consumer wallet giving it's users the ability to easily sell Bitcoin (or altcoins) with ONE button!

NOW we just need Exodus to have Steem! @vessel wallet by @jesta is a great alternative, it allows a desktop Steem/SBD wallet that let's you create accounts, manage delegation and more. It would be so nice to allow Exodus to put in your private Owner keys or no you would just put in your ACTIVE key, and it would allow you to easily send and receive, but you could also use Shapeshift when THAT is back online for steem and SBD, which it has just offline (due to a Steem Wallet problem they say like poloniex says sometimes) BUT Exodus could ALSO give people a NEW Steemit Wallet OR just HOLD ALL the users Steem in an @exodus Steem wallet and just use MEMO keys like @bittrex or Binance! NOW Imagine THIS though if they DID allow us to use our ACTIVE keys on Exodus to allow our Steem/SBD even Steempower Balances to show up on Exodus and then allowed us to give POSTING key and Exodus would make an automated POST showing your transaction and a little ad for Exodus! It would MONETIZE the use of your wallet! :D

Steepshot_footer2.PNG Steepshot | IPFS | Google Play
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No paperwork and no registration, andUSDT Tether. That's too good to be true.
That's huge.

Wait... Hold on a sec.. Like you mean, with my wallet statement I could earn advertising too?

That sure will make a huge difference.

that really nice post I like your post to much
thanks for sharing post

With your explanation, one will find it much easier to register on Exodus with your supported screenshots. I hope they start with Steem soon. Thanks for the class

@ackza I really like Exodus and you have some Great Ideas and I hope Exodus is listening to their customers to make their Wallet even Better and Better !

great work guys

keep on grinding!!!

Wow....Really wonderful post @ackza.....Thats great boss...thanks for sharing

Really great post and good information for steemit@ackza.....thanks for sharing

You have said it all.... let me go and register mine as well...
Thanks for sharing @ackza



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