Updates Image of EOS Transaction Speeds vs Visa, Steem, Ripple, Paypal, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, BTC, 1 million transactions per second, steem with 10,000. Now the world KNOWS the truth

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I had to make that image after seeing @arckrai (or numpty on steemspeak.com discord) mentioned this post and its corresponding infographic image

It is similar to the GIFs @elgekpo and I were looking at at thinking need some companions

So yeah @elgeko mentioned that EOS will have 1 million transactions per second surpassing VISA no problem

And that is when I decided to make the image above! I may as well post it again I am so proud of it! (Feel FREE to use it anywhere you all want!)


I Aint Stressin Im just EOSin, your stock market correctin, financial spirits possessin, and now aint stressin we just EOSin!


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@ackza if EOS goes to $7 and $5 in this correction I am buying some more.
Lets see what happens. Corrections are great to get more of our favorite crypto. Steem, BTS and EOS!

Regards, @gold84


That looks real! thats fucking cool that needs to be made and earings imagine diamond steem earnings

The ring is real..

OMG, I aint stressin, just EOSin right with you! It's gonna be good, real good!

Nice groovin' in the end dear @ackza!

Thanks a lot for the graphs, they are telling truth many will come to understand a bit too late, unless they have been informed with such excellent postings!

Namaste :)

Steem is the best blockchain by far today. And EOS will be very very fast in transactions. Once running well, It will initiate the death of many shitcoins. (just my personal opinion.)

Unbeliever check here ! http://blocktivity.info/ Who´s the boss? Whos most undervalued ? Who does more than 50% of all transactions ? STEEM DOES! And EOS will do it much faster....

@ackza EOS=Ethereum on STEROIDS !!!

your post is very helpful to my knowledge

Steem still remains my crypto favourite. Thank you for the info


Your posts are so helpfull thanks for sharing

This post really helped me

Today I also got to know that EOS going to get a big jump very soon...

Its down now because BITCOIN went down 10% so pickup ur CHEAP EOS at $11 and $12 today! i just am about to buy some now

(GIF by @axios )

Hey @ackza,
I think I see why you love EOS so much. Lolx. I will keep steeming though while I stack some other reasonable cryptos. Cheers!

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So much for fairness and equality I guess were all equal in less were American or Chinese , I thought the whole idea with this block chain was furnace and equality for all people know matter where you come from what religion you are what sex equality for all and privacy in a D centralized system and less you’re an American or Chinese doesn’t quite seem fair and equal to me just saying


This information very helpful to me. Thank you for sharing @ackza. You have good idea..

nice post..thanks sir