📢 RECORDING - EOSTalk Live! (March 20, 2018) ~ Interview with Chadrick Mahaffey of SFEOS.io

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Join us LIVE for EOSTalk with @OfficialFuzzy!

🌄 The Dawn of a New Age in Blockchain Technology

Every Tuesday night we gather to discuss all things EOS. From the capabilities of this next generation blockchain technology to the benefits DApps under development for EOS will have over those on current blockchain networks.

Tonight we continued the discussion with @OfficialFuzzy and talk about the revolution EOSIO will bring to the blockchain ecosystem.

We had a special interview with Chadrick Mahaffey of SFEOS.io (@sfeos on EOStalk.io and Steemit.com), an update on the MASDACS.io cross-posting platform, and an update on our weekly community initiatives.

Sfeos will be both a game and a DAC.

The game is based loosely on the old 80s game Trade Wars. In that text based game, you took on the roll of a starship captain. You traveled around the universe and traded resources at ports. You upgraded your ship, fought against space pirates and aliens, and maybe became a space pirate yourself. If you were smart in your tactics, you became more powerful and had more influence throughout the galaxy.

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Next Live Show:

Saturday, March 24, 2018 @ 8PM EST

As Dan Larimer stated in the video below... EOS is unique in that it is the first platform developed from the ground up for scalability.

Why EOS.IO, What Makes it the GAME CHANGER?

Get up to speed on the topic with this 3.5 minute video by the EOS.IO team.

Let me know what you think, please leave your comments below.

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The link was in the post, but I have the recording in there now.