📰 BeyondBitcoin Newsletter #31 [August 16, 2018]

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BeyondBitcoin Newsletter

The purpose of this weekly newsletter is to provide information on all the things that are happening in the BeyondBitcoin communities. Live Events, Contests and Challenges, Meetups, and any other pertinent information you need to know will be shared here.

EOSTalk Community

📅 Saturdays at 8PM EST
Each week we have our EOSTalk Live event with @OfficialFuzzy where we discuss the future of blockchain technology as it relates to the development of EOSIO. From time to time we will have special guests join us to share their insights with us as well.

EOSTalk will be on a short hiatus this Saturday 08/18/18.

EOStalk Live from August 11, 2018

Whaleshare Community

Every week in the Whaleshare's Discord Server live events are held, I have listed the time and a description for each event below, and have included an invite link to the Whaleshare's Discord below.

The Whaleshares Pre-Launch is underway...

We are happy to announce the Open BETA period for the Whaleshares platform has begun.

The intent of Whaleshares is to provide a Decentralized Autonomous Cooperative (DAC) platform where users of all sizes may transparently share and contribute value to their networks of trusted friends and have a voice in the future evolution of the platform itself. Furthermore, all members are encouraged to create and leverage their own Whaleshares-backed tokens with cross-chain technology to support communities of common interests with transparent oversight and rewards for taking part in initiatives and other sponsored events.

This "early-access" period will allow us to begin on-boarding new members to the platform and provide people who have earned and held on to the original WHALESHARE cross-chain tokens a chance to claim their sharedrop and begin posting, sharing and networking before the general public. The process for creating accounts and claiming the sharedrop will be explained in another post.

Please Join us for The Whaleshares Launch Party!

Saturday 08-08-18 at 1pm UTC/9am EST in Whaleshares Discord

Promote your Post LIVE

📅 Sundays at 7PM EST
Hosted by: @freedomexists

This show is a perfect way to network, share your post with the audience and support others by listening to them present their posts.

The Whaleshares Blue Report Show

📅 Thursdays at 7PM EST
Hosted by: @freedomexists

The Whaleshares Blue Report will be a multi-layered show with lots of important, engaging and entertaining segments built in. Different Guests will join @freedomexists every week.

Promote Your Post Live - SPANISH EDITION

📅 Fridays at 10PM EST
Hosted by: @chuckyfucky

Check out MASDACS.io for all your crossposting needs!!

Wouldn't it be convenient to be able to write a post once and post it to multiple chains at the same time?

Now you can with MASDACS.

Project "MilkBox"

Search and rescue of missing persons around the world using blockchain technology.

Be sure to follow @milkbox.info
Join the Project Milkbox Discord: https://discord.gg/UKDSnDb

Smoke Network

Smoke, Get Paid. Repeat.
Be a part of the world's first blockchain social network for cannabis users.

Website: http://smoke.network/

Telegram: http://t.me/smokenetwork

Follow @smokenetwork

🏆 Contests and Challenges

Don't Forget to take part in the current contests and challenges

🔊 Whaleshares Launch Party! - BitShares & EOSTalk Open Agendas Paused for this Week! | 2018-08-18 | Sat @100PM UTC | https://steemit.com/bitshares/@officialfuzzy/-whaleshares-launch-party-bitshares-eostalk-open-agendas-paused-for-this-week-2018-08-18-sat-100pm-utc-20180814t023247565z-post

💰 Whaleshares Sharedrop Claim Announcement - Instructions Inside

⭐ Whaleshares Pre-Launch (OPEN BETA) is Here!

Join the BeyondBitcoin Communities

Please join in the discussions with us by becoming a member in ANY or ALL of the BeyondBitcoin and Bitshares communities. We have a wealth of knowledge and information waiting for you.

EOSTalk Discord
EOS.IO related community and topic discussions.

Whaleshares Discord
Steemit community discussions, contests and events.

Project Milkbox Discord [NEW]
Project Milkbox community and topic discussions.

Bitshares Discord
Bitshares development community and discussions.

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I'm confused! If i used MASDACS to create and share the same post to both Whaleshares and Steemit Platforms at the same time ~ Is that NOT plagiarism ?


Plagiarism of your own content?


Yes, Or do i assume that it's ok to have my exact same post on multiple Platforms?


if you posted another person's post or content without their permission (and/or without proper credit, for excerpts), that would be plagiarism.

It's not plagiarism to share your own content, that you yourself created, anywhere you want.


Ok Cool, thanks for making that clearer Alex, I look forward to Sept 1st to sign up to the new Whaleshares Platform and give MASDACS a try :)