Steemit buggy: unintentional duplicate post (please void)

in #eos-project4 years ago (edited)

Extra post from steemit being buggy. Sorry


this happens to me too

It happened to me too last night. 3 times the same post because I got an error and clicked submit again, twice. What a pain.

The notice said "type error - please dismiss" well, something like that.

presses post
website keeps loading

refresh page
comment is gone, and not published.

write the same comment again, and presses post again.
What? know their are suddenly two posts!

yep, i got 3. if it's comment not big deal because you can delete before someone replies to it but when it's a post .... not good.

Easiest 70 bucks you ever made ^^

welllll tbh since beyondbits are paying people, i actually lose money giving so many away like this. But it is important to show people like how to make sp (and thus steem) valuable :P

how do you lose money when the price of beyondbits is generally much higher than vote value?
Also when you get a significant portion of the curation rewards.

Do not be sorry, you earned 71$ for the trouble ;D, enjoy them.

Great Post.

The Fastest Bot on Steemit!

Ohhh, happened to me last night too. I got a message which said "transaction broadcast error". Good thing I checked my profile page first, true enough the post was there.

I'll follow you. and follow me.

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