Let's talk EOS Jan 23 2018, EOS Angels! Chapters, and great quotes.

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00:44 monopoly money

My parents are finally at a point where, and they understand this stuff is going to be something for the future.

02:04 new updated version of the forums

not quite done yet but as you can see we are definitely upgrading and still changing some things around

02:26 EOS price

there's some real volume coming in.

03:39 update on blocktivity.info

Steem, Ethereum and BitShares are the top three. Blocktivity is actually by a dear friend of mine, who does a really good job in the space and has been around for quite some time, and I can personally vouch for the guy.

04:52 community updates

We need to get as many people understanding this as possible. And because of that, meetups we felt our are a great grassroots way to get there.

We're looking at the world's first crossed chain utility tokens in the form of beyond bits and whaleshares to help reward a community between bitshares and steem chains and actually golos too. That allow me to really support a lot of the people who help out with these types of things, so we actually are able to give out a number of tokens every year to help people who are doing cool things in the ecosystem.

06:15 meet-up challenge

Show us proof of meetup from a EOS event that you hosted.

08:12 Meetups previously held

  • Identify the monster in the background, scary!
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Bristol, UK
  • open-source meetup toolkit; infographic, Google slideshow, earn BeyondBits and EOSbits

11:39 49 people viewing the live stream

**12:54 Design contest for a new EOS dAPP from @freedomengineer **

15:34 Share our content

15:45 EOS price predictions

EOS $56?

If EOS reaches the market cap that Ethereum was at one hundred and thirty million, that would make EOS $ 2000 per token.

Currently it makes no when BTC goes down, alt coins like BitShares and EOS go down with it.

18:19 fishbank meme challenge

  • crypto charts
  • whaleshares background artwork
  • token4tweets, challenge 2x per week

28:22 EOS VC

29:13 EOS angels fund

We wanted to come out as a community with something that would be a little bit more grassroots.

We've got the ability to use mutual aid society based chains to create an EOS angel fund that would be a decentralized venture capital fund. We're going to create a chain and it's going to be shared dropped on EOS and we're going to announce more in the future about it, because I don't have all the specifics on the share drop on how exactly the share drop is going to work yet, but we have intends to share drop one hundred percent on EOS.

The reason for this is that, in the very beginning, a lot of people who who've been around for a while know that I had something called the whaletank for beyondBitcoin live that I've done for quite some time and it was to use tokens like whaleShares and beyondbits for the whales to come together and give tokens like this to projects that wanted to build and share drop on Steem, or on BitShares or really pretty much anything that wanted to do that.

We started out early, but it was at a time when I don't think everybody was ready for that type of stuff, but now that EOS is coming out and we're going to have this opportunity.

We can actually start funding a bunch of different apps to actually reward themselves for building these mutual society kind of DACs (Decentralized Autonomous Companies) and concepts, as, like you see, with Steem.

34:43 Mutual Aid Society DAC

If you're a whale, doing these types of things to help your community also helps you. It's easy to always see to making money right now and yes, you need to make money right now, because you're taking risk by holding a lot of tokens.

But at the same time, we sometimes have to risk in a decentralized fashion, in a grassroots fashion, supporting one another. Because when we can give value to value creators, they make exponential value returns and those exponential value returns are what make the exponential operating system or EOS, what it needs to be.

I really appreciate everybody, please let everybody know that we're planning this, we will need help and people will be able to be rewarded on the chain for helping.

37:02 IQ tokens

The IQ tokens being share dropped rather than having an ICO. Where does Everipedia get the money for EOS tokens to operate on the EOS blockchain?

I would imagine that they would go as a public service and they would say we would like to run as a block producer and by the way we gave away all of our tokens to you guys would you vote for us, because we feel that we're a Public Commons type of thing anyway, so we would like to give all of the tokens away and work on it and make money off of block production.

38:23 Expectation after the VC announcement

The market is coupled to Bitcoin right now, so when Bitcoin goes down, everybody is like: "Oh, my god, we got to get out of our crypto".

In addition, we have the, I believe it's the the futures markets that came on what three weeks ago, a month ago, or something like that. So there's also futures markets now and that's how silver and gold have traditionally been manipulated, so that might actually be playing into it as well, because, let's face it, when you can print 500 million more Bitcoin for these different futures bets. If you have enough dark money or just a really well played out plan, you can manipulate those markets, especially and and pretty much control them using the futures market. So, to get back to your point, though, about EOS, I think EOS has actually been doing quite well considering everything else has gone down so much and that stayed relatively strong around $13 or $14.

40:55 who is Fuzzy?

I'm the founder of beyond Bitcoin, which is kind of a movement that we've been trying to go with, and we we've done hangouts and things like that. We've probably got a couple hundred thousand views on our content over time and we have multiple channels for content now. But what we did was we really have been at the heart of covering what what Dan was talking about at the very beginning.

Just a little historical fact that Steem was inspired by beyondBitcoin, which I founded.

That's why things like us angels exist, because, though we understand that there's an industry out there, that's gon na handle all this stuff and do amazing things. Well, you need to bring in a grassroots side and we need to really do it as quickly as possible and it takes a group effort and I've got some resources and I got some cool tools, but that's all that's not all we need. We need you guys.

I'm an EOS whale, so some of the stuff that I'll be able to do on this chain for getting a 100 % share drop on EOS. I will get some tokens out of this just to let everybody know.

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Rad stuff! We're thinking of doing a general crypto meetup at the Paleo Treats office in San Diego, I'll definitely add some EOS tags onto the marketing piece and make sure I understand it better. I hold some EOS but don't have a total grip on just how rad it is. Thanks for posting, stoked to learn and promote where I can. Rock on!


Be sure to announce your EOS meetup on EOStalk.io under "Community Projects".

I need to get in on this EOS action, it's my next coin, still need to buy EOS, nebula, neo, nebula also has a great project


I'll have to check out Nebula. EOS is looking strong.


Nebula is their competitor and many of the CEOs are previous developers of NEO and ETH, so i think the project is really solid


I bought EOS from the ICO and from BitShares (open.eos)


Lucky xD, i think i will buy my first ico in a couple of weeks, check up refereum, they already have huge partnerships with Twitch and Fortnite, if you know anything about the game industry just seeing twitch and fornite is alrdy reason enough to hop in on that action.

Here, i will leave my referal link if you actually decide to hop in on refereum, it's still early but if you farm some points now u can get some free refereum for later

Good sharing ,Thank you so much Success is for your .

Good sharing @nutela...
Thank you so much...
Success is for your @nutela..

Have followed, resteemed and upvoted..

A friend of mine is deeply in love with the EOS project. He invested all the cash he had and even loaned some from his family! .. Can support the project just because of this!


Well I hope it turns out well for him, I do believe EOS will go up in price but the whole cryptomarket is going to be pretty volatile... and thus EOS is going with it until the masses figure it out. The more established coins like BTC, Eth are going to be more stable also during downturns but that might change in the future.

nice project

What about Future of EOS?