Join us in tonights Live with @officialfuzzy at 8:00 EST [EOSTalk] []

in #eos-project5 years ago

It's a usual meeting every Tuesday where the community gathers and make a discussion about all things related to EOS

Tonight, the discussion will be continued with @officialfuzzy talking about EOS and the revolution it will bring to the ecosystem of blockchain and there will be a special interview with Brandon Hughes of EOS Denver. There will also be a special introduction of platform which is generally a cross-posting platform through which you can post to many chains like steemit and GOLOS which @officialfuzzy made a simple introduction post about it where you can check here Beta Testing BOUNTY! [BeyondBits Rewards Inside] 

Join the live discussion right now on youtube

With: @officialfuzzy

Host:  @ByCompoundFilms 

Co-Host: @SteemPowerPics 

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