RE: 🔊EOSTalk Live | 2018-5-12 | Sat @800PM EST | OpenSource Agenda [EOSBit Rewards!]

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🔊EOSTalk Live | 2018-5-12 | Sat @800PM EST | OpenSource Agenda [EOSBit Rewards!]

in eos-project •  11 months ago

Honestly id say between and listening to the talks as well as checking out block.ones press releases u should be pretty gtg.

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Had to find you to say Thank you for the vote

@fuzzyvest, I'm not sure how else to reach you (as I cannot find you on Steemit Chat or Discord) but wanted to thank you for your support of my poetry, on Whaleshares Curation Show, and I hope my words will continue to keep you good company. Cheers, Yahia


what is this whaleshares u speak of?

Thanks @fuzzyvest. Appreciate it.

Thank master @fuzzyvest😍