Awoo! DAC Design Contest Prize: 10 EOS + 200 USD + 10,000 Mutton

Awoo! is looking for a designer.

We thought that we would hold a contest to find one.

Everyone who enters the contest with a design that is graded 'good enough' will earn 10 mutton.

The winner of the contest will get 10 EOS + 1000 mutton.

The winner of the contest will be invited to provide all of the design work for the Awoo! DAC.

Should the winner agree, he or she will be paid a minimum of $200.00 USD + an additional 9000 mutton for the following additional output.

  • finished logo
  • social media banners (twitter, steemit, reddit, facebook, etc.)
  • user interface for Awoo! dApp. 
  • advertisement banners
  • and some memes

 Our chief designer will possibly receive more USD if we get funding from in the future.

I am keeping the contest parameters very broad.

I basically want to see a logo and/or a twitter sized banner for the brand.

You can include a wolf or just text or any design that you imagine.

Awoo! is a 'wolf' themed brand but you just go where your art takes you.

*Contest Ends February 28th, 2018.

The person who wins the contest will become a prominent person in our community.

For more details on Awoo! please go to

I wish you all the best of luck!

Troi Bryan

Awoo! co-founder.





Note: Awoo! will not be holding a token sale. We will be doing an Airdrop on EOS holders. ;)

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Done with the design, am I supposed to post it here as a comment?


Yes please post it here! :)


or if you are on telegram... and find #freedomengineer there you can share it with me there.

Awoo! DAC telegram group is:

What is the content?

i'll throw in 50 beyondbits which is another $100(ish)


Sweet. Thanks Fuzzy. ;)

I've been working on the logo doing some mock-ups, check them here!


Great stuff! Awoo!