My entry for the Community Art Challenge #3 "EOSTalk Meetup Promo Banners"

in eos-project •  11 months ago

Here is my entry for the Community Art Challenge #3 "EOSTalk Meetup Promo Banners" hosted by @officialfuzzy and @steempowerpics!

300 x 300 Square Banner:



600 x 160 Horizontal Banner:



I hope you steemians like my banners, please feel free to give me your feedback in order to improve my work.

Thank you again @officialfuzzy and @steempowerpics for an awesome contest and all you do for the community of Steem and EOS!


Best regards


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I like that design ,,, it is a distinctive design😉
Good luck my friend @danyelk👍


Thank you my friend :)
I will check out later in your blog what you have done for cool art in the last few days so see y a later!

you are very creative bro.
well done


Thank you very much :)

I love the banners


Thank you :)

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Good lock my friend..... Very nice
I like it