In the progress of the Eos platform for me, it's very fun. for me, I have found a very bright hope in the future in cryptocurrency.

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Thank you for all, I introduced myself who just logged in to the platform.

Hello, everything on the platform, my username is @ades who entered the platform using a Steemit account.

I happened to buy an EosBit coin at a price, a 1 Eosbit token at a BTS price. 060000 on the exchange of, and I always like to have coins of all types of Eos. and then I searched the web from coin Eosbit info and found the platform.

I read how to enter this platform and here it is mentioned, I can enter with a Steemit account by using the posting key from our Steemit account, and this makes it easy for me to be on the platform to join friends here. hello to everyone on the platform, hopefully, I can get guidance from senior friends here, warm greetings from me @ades.

Thank you very much for everything here, special greetings from me @ades.


Good day. thanks for sharing this post.i like it this post.i appreciate your valuable post..

JAM TOKEN 의 기술적, 산술적 오류로 인해 YESJAM TOKEN 으로 변경되었음을 안내드립니다.
JAM TOKEN has been changed to YESJAM TOKEN due to technical and arithmetic errors.

JAM TOKEN은 무의미한 코인이 되었으며 YESJAM TOKEN 을 이용해주세요!
JAM TOKEN has become a meaningless coin and please use YESJAM TOKEN!

구매하신 양의 10배로 넣어드렸습니다
I put it in 10 times the amount you purchased.

혼돈과 불편을 드려 죄송합니다!
Sorry for the chaos and inconvenience!

what mistakes you made when making tokens

JAM tokens thought the price of 0.0001STEEM

However, STEEM is a minimum unit of 0.001

So I made it YESJAM token.

I also don't know about that, but about PNC tokens that I made 0.00100, STEEM