Welcome to EOS Governance

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This is the forum for threaded conversations on EOS governance.

The EOSGov Telegram channel is here: https://t.me/EOSGov

An archive of old EOSGov Telegram conversations is here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1A1aesoy_LAtgRJbI5lTngUIe4EnGIjLUy_f2PDF3RW4/edit?usp=sharing

Governance is the area of blockchain management that cannot be automated, but rather must be performed through structured human interactions.

The starting philosophy for EOS governance is that a few simple rules will give rise to complex, adaptive behavior.


can u guys come into http://steemspeak.com discord chat? u will find many EOS supporters and large bag holders there we have tousands maybe millions of EOS

if we can get updates on EOS progress we can convince others to invest more

This channel is a must-join. There has been a lot of great discussions on a range of topics from philosophy to arbitration already. Thanks for setting this up @thomasbcox.

I do not support the steemspeak communities leadership and have been banned from their community after calling out certain leadership there.

I am not for downvoting people who may have good intentions but you should know you promote someone who is considered a "community leader" and has been caught lying on tape to newbies trying to sell tokens based on lies...and has been alleged to have stolen and ever given back some 1 million golos and 500k+ steem from @adsactly and much more from others. As if that is not enough he there is records of him threatening people on this chain...

Please do not promote trash in here. Everyone who supports that community either knowingly or unknowingly supports leadership who represents among the worst in crypto.

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